Planting A War Garden

By Captain W. T. Cluverius, U. S. Navy
March 1919
PLANTING A WAR GARDEN By Captain W.T. Cluverius, U.S. Navy "Ready for getting underway, sir." Cold, raining, blowing. To meet all three conditions the captain was encased in overcoat, oilskins, ...

Feed-Water Temperatures

By Lieutenant P. V. H. Weems, U. S. Navy
March 1919
FEED-WATER TEMPERATURES By Lieutenant P.V.H. Weems, U. S. Navy Every engineer knows that the question of feed-water temperatures is most important. For example, a pound of steam at 187 pounds ...

Discussion, The Naval Reserve After The War

By Lieut. Commander R. R. Smith, U.S. Navy
March 1919
DISCUSSION The Naval Reserve After the War (See Page 2757, Whole No. 190) Lieut. Commander R.R. Smith, U. S. Navy.—There appears in the Naval Institute Proceedings for December, 1918, an ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Commander S. A. Taffinder, U.S. Navy
March 1919
PROFESSIONAL NOTES Prepared By Commander S.A. Taffinder, U. S. Navy BRAZIL Brazilian Naval Visit.—The naval squadron which Brazil dispatched to European waters in order to cooperate with the Allied Fleet, ...

Diplomatic Notes

Prepared By A. F. Westcott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
March 1919
DIPLOMATIC NOTES From January 20 to February 20 Prepared by Allan Westcott, Ph.D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy LEAGUE OF NATIONS CONSTITUTION PUBLISHED The constitution for a League of Nations, ...

Review Of Books

March 1919
REVIEW OF BOOKS ON SUBJECTS OF PROFESSIONAL INTEREST "Practical Aviation for Military Airmen." By Major J. Andrew White. (Published by Wireless Press, Inc., New York City.) The first feature of ...

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