Large vs. A Greater Number of Smaller Battleships

By Lieut. Commander Thomas Lee Johnson, U. S. Navy
July 1916
Motto: Veritas me dirigit.Would the defence of our coast, and incidentally aggressive action, be better provided for by the expenditure of a given amount in the construction of the largest ...

How to Shoot the Service Pistol

By Lieutenant G. E. Brandt, U. S. Navy
July 1916
1. The automatic pistol, when introduced, brought with it a new set of complications to be mastered in order to secure accurate shooting. True, the general principles for securing accuracy ...

Naval Publications

July 1916
NAVAL PUBLICATIONSBOOK REVIEWS“The Problems and Lessons of the War.” Clark University Addresses. Edited by George H. Blakeslee, with a foreword by G. Stanley Hall. (New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons.)In ...

International Notes: Diplomatic Relations

Prepared By A. F. Wescott, Ph. D., Instructor, U. S. Naval Academy
July 1916
UNITED STATES AND ENTENTE POWERS On May 24 Secretary Lansing delivered to the British and the French Ambassadors a renewed protest against interference with United States mails. The note asserts ...

International Notes: Naval War Notes

Prepared By Lieut. Commander J. W. Greenslade, U. S. Navy
July 1916
The Battle of Jutland The treatment of the Battle of Jutland, which follows, was compiled from the most accurate published information that has been obtainable. The three accounts here published ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieut. Commander J. W. Greenslade, U. S. Navy
July 1916
PROFESSIONAL NOTESGENERAL ARRANGEMENTNaval Powers:* Argentina 1267* Austria 1268* France 1268* Germany 1270* Great Britain 1277* Holland 1280* Italy 1280* Japan 1280* Portugal 1281* Russia 1282* Spain 1283* United States 1283* ...

The Romance of Joshua Barney

By Commander T. D. Parker, U. S. Navy
July 1916
*For the facts of this article, the writer is indebted to the "Memoirs of Commodore Joshua Barney," edited by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary Chase Barney; "The Pictorial History of the ...

Aeroplane Accidents: Causes and Remedies

By Lieutenant (J.G.) R. C. Saufley, U. S. Navy
July 1916
In the early stages of torpedo practice, in fact not infrequently in recent times, it often happened that erratic performances of this weapon were looked upon in mystery, and the ...

Accurate Measurement Of Torpedo Ranges

By Lieutenant (J. G.) Francis S. Craven, U. S. Navy
July 1916
HistoryThe method of checking up torpedo ranges hereinafter described has the following advantages over any other method:(a) It is independent of navigational marks on shore—hence of charts.(b) The entire range ...

Emden (Concluded)

By Lieutenant Hellmuth Von Mucke, Executive Officer of Emden, Free translation by Lieutenant J. H. Klein, Jr., U. S. Navy
July 1916
VIII. THE DISTRESS OF THE NIBELUNGSAfter leaving Penang the captain decided to cruise to the southward. We imagined that all the trading ships in the Bay of Bengal would be ...

Secretary's Notes

July 1916
U. S. NAVAL INSTITUTESECRETARY’S NOTESAnnual Dues - The annual dues for 1916 became payable on January 1, 1916. It is suggested that clues be paid in lump sums covering a ...

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