The Great Lesson from Nelson for To-Day

By Lieut. Commander D. W. Knox, U. S. Navy
March 1914
Motto: "Intelligent co-operation is of infinitely more value than mechanical obedience."—HENDERSON INTRODUCTION The period from 1778 until the battle of Trafalgar, in 1805, is in many respects the most ...

Early Signs of Intended Invasion

By First Lieutenant Renato Tittoni, U. S. Marine Corps
March 1914
Rumors of intended invasion are likely to cause alarm to such an extent in this country that it would be the topic of conversation in practically every American home, therefore ...

Naval Inspection Duty in Manufacturing Districts

By Lieut. Commander T. D. Parker, U. S. Navy
March 1914
Previous articles in the NAVAL INSTITUTE PROCEEDINGS have covered inspection duty at navy yards and at shipbuilding plants. This paper deals with the third kind—inspection of naval material in a ...

Navy Yards and the Fleet

By Lieut. Commander W. G. Mitchell, U. S. Navy
March 1914
To combat the influence being exerted to bring the operation and control of our navy yards into other hands, it is necessary that the great body of naval officers evince ...

Principles of Naval Aeronautics

By The Late Naval Constructor Pietzker, Imperial German Navy
March 1914
Translated by LIEUTENANT G. M. BAUM, U. S. Navy (Marine Rundschau, October, 1913.) GENERAL The general usefulness of airships has been demonstrated. The deplorable loss of the L ...

"Wrinkles" in Plane Chart Methods

By Lieut. Commander Radler De Aquino, B. N., Naval Attache to the Brazilian Embassy
March 1914
Although Mercator's chart is the navigator's chart par excellence the writer proposes in this article to present a few "wrinkles" towards increasing the value and popularity of the Plane Chart ...

United States Naval Radio Service

By Captain W. H. G. Bullard, U.S. Navy, Superintendent U. S. Naval Radio Service
March 1914
HISTORICAL In the year 1899 the Navy Department (Bureau of Equipment) first began seriously to investigate the general subject of the transmission of signals by electric waves, made possible by ...

Professional Notes

Prepared By Lieutenant C. C. Gill, U. S. Navy
March 1914
FOREIGN SHIPBUILDING PROGRAM OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE, January 31, 1914. The naval estimates of the principal powers show a steady increase as compared with those of the preceding year. The ...


March 1914
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