The Lacoste Ship Brake is shown, looking aft, installed on the USS Indiana (BB-1) at Philadelphia on 1 April 1910. The simple door configuration was complicated by the curvature of the battleship’s hull.
Scurvy, a disease caused by a lack of dietary ascorbic acid (vitamin C), debilitated sailors after just a few months at sea without fresh provisions. Citrus juice was discovered to cure the disease long before vitamin C was identified as the essential nutrient in the fruit.
An April 1980 test of the Self-Initiating Antiaircraft Missile (SIAM) developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The missile was fired from a test stand at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico and intercepted a Gyrodyne QH-50 Drone Antisubmarine Helicopter (DASH). The test missile lacked a warhead but successfully intercepted the unmanned helicopter (insets)
The helm of the USS Constitution shows the characteristic features of ships’ wheels from the time before steam or electric motors controlled the rudder. Two wheels, separated by a winch barrel, allowed extra helmsmen to assist in heavy weather. The barrel is connected through the deck by a series of blocks and tackles to the tiller, which turns the rudder.
The Weehawken is depicted with its original “minesweeper” about to explode a Confederate torpedo. The illustration is from the 25 April 1863 edition of Harper’s Weekly.
A quartermaster takes a sun sighting from the navigation bridge of the USS Alaska (CB-1) in 1945.
extended-range RIM-2 Terrier