The World of Battleship

The Design and Careers of Capital Ships of the World's Navies 1900-1950

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This new volume is intended to present a global vision of the development of the world’s battleships in the first half of the 20th century. In a collection of chapters by experts from around the world, each of the world’s navies is explored via the design, building and career of a significant battleship. In addition, the book also examines the communities of officers and men that served in those ships and, more broadly, the societies and nations that built them. While ships from the Royal Navy, the U.S. Navy, the Kriegsmarine, the Imperial Japanese Navy, the Marine Nationale and the Regia Navale are given significant coverage, so are those from the smaller navies, including Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Turkey. Each chapter explains the origins of a particular ship, her importance as a national symbol, and her place in the fleet. The genesis of her design along with particulars of her protection, armament, and propulsion systems are covered, and the construction process and launching described. The ship’s complement and organization are detailed, and daily routine and watchstanding in both peace and war explained. Life on board the ship—eating and sleeping for officers, ratings, discipline, pay, morale, pets, and mascots—are covered as well as a full account of the ship’s career, so that the distinctive character of each vessel and navy emerges. This is a highly original and significant book and a must-have for individuals interested in ship history.

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“This is a highly original work that covers battleships across the World's navies. The Line of Battle ship emerged as the principle naval weapon that was the key to naval engagements for some three hundred years. The steam powered successors were to last little more than 100 years and were replaced as THE capital ship by the aircraft carrier in WWII. Strongly Recommended.” —FIRE Reviews
“This book is no overnight concoction dreamed up at a publisher's blue-sky meeting to hit the lucrative Christmas wants lists of bathtub admirals. It is the subject of a protracted period of meticulous writing and editing that shines out from every page. If you are interested in the great capital ships, the people who desired them and gave them life, this book has everything you need. It is an absolute gem.” War History Online
The World of the Battleship is a remarkable, innovative, and compelling work whose sum brilliantly succeeds in being greater than its individual parts.” —Nautical Research Journal
“A big beautifully illustrated book that looks at the history of battleships and the navies that possessed them by describing the careers of 21 ships, from the Chinese Chen Yuen of 1882 to the USS Missouri.” —Western Naval Association Newsletter (WNHA)
“This is a splendid book, admirably laid out and comprehensively illustrated with excellent black and white photos, many previously unpublished. Altogether the book is a remarkable tour de force and full of unexpected ‘nuggets,’ to be awarded five stars and take its place on any naval bookshelf.” —Warship