Word of Honor

A Peter Wake Novel

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    October 1, 2020
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As part of the award-winning Honor Series of historical naval novels, Word of Honor is the personal memoir of protagonist Peter Wake, a veteran of espionage operations for the Office of Naval Intelligence who also has considerable sea and combat experience. At the beginning of this third book of the Spanish-American War Trilogy, it is three years after the war and Wake is called in to explain his decisions and actions in the Caribbean during the wartime summer of 1898. As he briefs his interrogators, Wake recalls surviving two major land battles and a climatic sea battle near Cuba, then taking command of auxiliary cruiser Dixon, which is manned with regular and reservist officers and men. Wake soon tackles enemy blockade-runners, participates in the invasion of Puerto Rico, encounters future president and war hero Theodore Roosevelt, and pursues an elusive Spanish ocean raider on the loose somewhere in the Caribbean.

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Editorial Reviews

“The latest installment in the brilliant trajectory of Peter Wake's naval career keeps readers on the edge of the bridge wing. Set just after the Spanish-American war, this volume ushers us into America's brief flirtation with colonization and the rise of a truly global US Navy. Powerful history told through the lens of deeply compelling characters – another triumph!” —Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret.), 16th Supreme Allied Commander at NATO and author of The Leader's Bookshelf
“Macomber is today's foremost practitioner of a fascinating subgenre – historical fiction of the nautical variety. Building his series on the imagined autobiography of Peter Wake, he's given readers a vivid, multi-dimensional hero. Macomber makes the remarkable times he portrays glow. This latest title is no exception. History comes alive.” —Philip K. Jason, Professor Emeritus, United States Naval Academy, and author of Acts and Shadows: The Vietnam War in American Literary Culture
“Exceptional historical fiction! Robert Macomber’s Word of Honor completes his trilogy of the Spanish-American War and is simply another great book by this master story-teller as he continues his tale of the life and career of Peter Wake, Naval Intelligence Officer.” —Rear Admiral Tony L. Cothron, USN (Ret.), 62nd Director of Naval Intelligence
“With Word of Honor, Robert Macomber has done it again. The Peter Wake novels are more than just gripping stories about life at sea – they offer a carefully rendered, historically accurate imagining of America's naval history in the second half of the 19th century. This latest book, animated by battles and political intrigue and above all the captivating character, of Wake himself, is no exception.” —Clay Risen, author of The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders and the Dawn of the American Century
“Word of Honor is a ‘ripping yarn’ and is an enjoyable way of learning about the Spanish-American war. Readers new to Captain Wake may feel moved to relive his other adventures through the preceding 13 novels!” —Australian Naval Institute
“Robert Macomber writes well and inspiringly so–giving voice to the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corp and its officers and enlisted men (ratings) now lost to memory.... Does Wake work? Yes, in many ways he captures the essential–which is, no doubt, why he has so many followers on both sides of the Pacific, and Atlantic.” —The NAVY
“Combining maritime combat, intelligence operations and military legal intrigue, this is another highly satisfying novel by Macomber…. Recommended for military and nautical aficionados.” —Historical Novel Society
“After the 1898 U.S. victory in Santiago in the Spanish-American War, Peter Wake must deal with adversaries in the Navy and a wily Spanish cruiser commander. Three years later, he must defend his actions in Washington to keep his honor. The author’s excellent research and writing both entertain and enrich your understanding.” —The Ensign
—2022 Eric Hoffer Award Grand Prize Short List