The U.S. Naval Institute on the U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Naval Institute Wheel Books

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As part of the Wheel Book series, The U.S. Naval Institute on the U.S. Coast Guard provides professional sea service officers with insights into the roles, mission, and history of the U.S. Coast Guard. This service, the fifth and smallest branch of the U.S. military, plays a vital role in national defense and homeland security. The archives of the U.S. Naval Institute contain a treasure trove of information about the Coast Guard, with some important selections re-appearing in print for the first time in decades. This Wheel Book will serve as a timely guide to persons wanting a better understanding of the Coast Guard’s roles and missions.

From protecting the homeland to providing forces to combatant commanders and every mission in between, all 11 of the Coast Guard’s statutory missions are highlighted. Each author featured is a subject matter expert on the topic and it will be a real treat for readers of the U.S. Coast Guard to have so much wisdom from some of the service’s best thinkers and senior leadership in one volume.

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