"Tribals, Battles and Darings"

The Genesis of the Modern Destroyer

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Tribals, Battles and Darings describes the three classes, each designed under different circumstances along destroyer lines but to general-purpose light cruiser form, from the interwar period through to the 1950s, and Alexander Clarke explains the procurement process for each class in the context of the needs and technology of the times.

This is the first work to focus these three classes side by side, to examine their conception, their creation and their operational stories, many heroic, and to provide an insight into ship design, operation and culture. In doing so the book aims to contribute a better understanding of one of the most significant periods in the Royal Navy’s history.

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“This is a thoroughly recommended study of three of Britain’s most important classes of warship.” —Key Military
"Tribals, Battles and Darings opens a window into a period of transition for warships while offering an accessible starting place for looking at the people, events, and ships that influenced this unique period in history. It also provides a clear and straightforward examination of the final stages of the transition of the destroyer, from ships suited to a single mission, to ships that needed to perform a variety of functions in a changing world." —The Northern Mariner