Tidewater's Navy

An Illustrated History

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    October 21, 2005
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There are few places in the world more at ease with the steady march of naval history than Norfolk and Tidewater Virginia. Bruce Linder's detailed history and exciting images of the U.S. Navy in Hampton Roads provide a comprehensive portrayal of how a region that still likes to think of itself as a small southern city has helped mold nearly every facet of today's modern Navy. From privateers, enemy ships-of-the-line, and ironclads to aircraft carriers, nuclear-powered submarines, and the role of special forces, his compelling history traces the colorful and sometimes subtle nexus between expanding American naval prowess and regional dreams.

This balanced chronicle of the distinctive naval character of Hampton Roads encompasses war at sea, courage, genius, leadership, and command entwined within a sometimes-stormy relationship between the Navy and its civic hosts. Some of the most identifiable names in American naval history—Decatur, Truxtun, Dale, Farragut, Buchanan, Halsey—have all made their indelible mark on Norfolk's legacy and some of the signature events of American history—the British surrender at Yorktown, the Battle of the Monitor and Virginia, and the defeat of the German U-boat—have all had a Hampton Roads focus. A discerning companion volume to the author's other illustrated history with a regional perspective, the award-winning San Diego's Navy, this work proves anew that the cities where American naval might is concentrated can influence it in fascinating and unique ways.

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