The Three Musketeers of Army Air Forces

From Hitler's Fortress Europa to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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While scores of books have been published about the atomic bombings that helped end World War II, little has been written about the personal lives and relationship of the three men that led the raids. Paul Tibbets, Tom Ferebee, and Ted "Dutch" Van Kirk exemplified what Life magazine meant when in 1942 it called the B-17 pilot, bombardier, and navigator "the three musketeers of the Army Air Forces." A former navigator-bombardier and pilot himself, Harder brings a fresh perspective to an otherwise well-known narrative. He provides a rare insider's look at exactly who these three fellows were, how they were trained, what they meant to each other, and finally how everything coalesced into the Hiroshima and Nagasaki attacks. 

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"Author Robert O. Harder brings a fresh perspective to the story through engaging writing and technical accuracy, based on in depth research, interviews, and personal experience as a navigator and bombardier. He has a clear, easy-to-read writing style that holds the reader's interest throughout.... [There is] no better epitaph for these three men. Their service encompassed the entirety of the American bombing effort during World War II. The Three Musketeers of the Army Air Forces is a well-written, fascinating account of that experience....Highly recommended to anyone interested in World War II aviation." —Aviation Digest