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From the bloody battle for Normandy to the Nazi heartland, from war’s end to the killing fields of Korea, the men of the British Army’s Royal Tank Regiment fight battle after battle against terrible odds. Whether outnumbered or outgunned, the Tankies soldier on—as their motto would have it, “From Mud, Through Blood, to the Green Fields Beyond.”

After D-Day the largely untried Allied armies meet their seasoned German counterparts on the killing grounds ofBocage country. As Panzers and SS units turn the French hedgerows into a slaughterhouse, a lone British tank crew struggles to rejoin their squadron. Their only hope lies in their commander, Corporal Stiles—but does even this wily old trooper stand a chance against the infamous Tiger?

Newly promoted but just as angry, Sergeant Stiles enters the battle for Germany in command of a Sherman Firefly—capable of taking out any tank thus far encountered. Unfortunately, the enemy have a new tank of their own, the mighty “King Tiger,” with twice the firepower of the original. As Stiles and his men join the Allied advance into the Nazi homeland, they find worse horrors than Tigers lurking in the German twilight.

Six years later, as massed Chinese armies descend on UN forces defending South Korea, a British infantry brigade digs in amidst the hills of the Imjin River sector. With them are the Centurion tanks of the 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars, including WWII veteran Sergeant Stiles. But Stiles is a man haunted by the horrors of his past, and when the Communist offensive smashes into the tiny British force, he must battle his own demons along with the enemy’s might.

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Editorial Reviews

The Tankies is an entertaining yarn which brings to life the perceptions of Allied tank crews as they fought their way across Europe, and tips the hat to our dismounted colleagues alongside whom tankies must fight to be successful” –Nicholas Moran, AKA “The Chieftain”
“Being asked to write an endorsement for a Garth Ennis book illustrated by the late, great Carlos Ezquerra was my own personal 'We're not worthy!' moment. His The Tankies series in particular holds a warm place in my heart, chock-full of the gritty humour that's a trademark of his work. I cannot recommend this book enough.” —Paul Charlton, "The Mighty Jingles" on YouTube
“Gritty, realistic stories about British Armored forces in World War II (Normandy and Germany) and in Korea. Believable and well-developed characters that we can identify with and root for. And incredible portraits of the steel giants that these men rode into battle: The Churchill, the Sherman Firefly, and the best tank of the post-war period, the Centurion, all beautifully rendered by Carlos and Hector Ezquerra.” —Wayne Vansant, author of Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Patriotic War and All Quiet on the Western Front: A Graphic Novel Adaptation
“This was a great book, and any fan of war comics, history, or honestly anyone into comics at all should check out. Stiles is a great character, and I’d love to see him pop up again, although I’d imagine this will be all as it ends in a decent spot. I loved the afterward, which is a lengthy essay detailing where some of the ideas for the book came from, you can tell Ennis is interested in teaching history here, and as a history buff, I loved it.” —Arcadia Pod
The Tankies is a brilliantly well-written and thoroughly researched tribute to the tank crewman who fought and struggled during the late stages of World War II and the Korean conflict. Garth Ennis does what he does best by presenting a spot-on representation of battlefield conditions and some of his best character writing to date. The visual work of Carlos and Hector Ezquerra and Tony Avina crafts both believable character art and a realistic setting. Be sure to grab this outstanding collection from your local comic shop today!” —Monkeys Fighting Robots
“I had a great time reading this graphic novel. It takes readers into some famous wars from the past, told by accounts of soldiers who were actually there.” —The Good Men Project
The Tankies provides the reader with a gripping narrative while also giving the reader a remarkable sense of time and place…. A good war story, just like a good Western, is dependent upon a sense of authenticity and flesh and blood characters you can believe in. Without a doubt, Ennis delivers on both counts.” —Comics Grinder
“If you like that work’s military aspect and storytelling style, The Tankies will … appeal to you.” —The Fandom Post
The Tankies is a phenomenal read for fans of Ennis, war comics, or those who simply want an intense tale of battle that is blunt and honest about the brutality of war.” —The Newest Rant
“Tankies is a collection I never realized I needed…. A really good read.” —The Stop Button
 “If you are interested in tanks, World War II or just a good war comic, this is well worth a look.” —Brown Pundits
“I highly recommend The Tankies as a great look at the horrors of war and the sacrifices made by the common soldiers and civilians during World War II. While the characters are fictional, the situations are real. Having both studied as well as taught about this war, I was impressed with what the reader can learn from this graphic novel. It does a great job of portraying the courage of allied tank crews who were going up against German tanks with thicker armor and more powerful cannons…. If you are interested in a gritty and not at all glamorous look at the life of a tank crew during this time period, then I suggest adding The Tankies to your reading list.” —GeekDad
Foreword Reviews INDIES Book of the Year Award: 2020 BRONZE Winner for Graphic Novels & Comics
“The artwork is outstanding…. The facial expressions are perfectly drawn.” —First Comic News
The Tankies is a well-rounded read. Highly recommended for people who get a kick out of war graphical novels.” —Wordaholicanonymous
“The Tankies is an action packed story full of all the excitement of war but also a personal story for Stiles’s quest to destroy his white whale of a tank. Highly recommended for all mature comic book reader.” —Masked Library