The Stretcher Bearers

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Maxwell Fox didn’t know what he would witness in France. America had only been in the Great War since April 2, 1917. Nothing could have prepared him for the horrors that awaited him and the rest of the men of the 4th Infantry “Ivy” Division. As the Meuse-Argonne Offensive raged on, Maxwell became assigned to a unit of stretcher bearers, men who were tasked with running into harm’s way to rescue their fallen brethren from the clutches of death. This wouldn’t be an easy job, but with Graham, Frank, and Ralph by his side, Maxwell had to rely on his team and hope to survive.

A dark and honest look at the bond of brotherhood during war, The Stretcher Bearers tells the unforgettable tale of a young soldier trying to save the lives of wounded soldiers and keep the men he’d formed a bond with alive. But in the “war to end all wars,” no one was safe. 

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“STRETCHER! A wounded soldier’s survival depended on the stretcher bearers, unarmed, searching for the shouts and agonizing screams of their brothers in arms. Reid’s gritty, war-torn drawings and layouts of the landscape immerse you in the battle while Ryan and Reid’s pulp-styled, deft writing keeps it a page-turner. I eagerly await more from this duo!” —Mike Lilly, comic artist; Nightwing, Detective Comics, Vampirella
“Rather than a battle action piece, the work harkens back to mature, realistic war comics such as EC’s Frontline Combat or Marvel’s The ’Nam, and the emotional ending tears at the heart without being manipulative. This is a solid historical war narrative—and an intense and moving portrayal of brotherhood.”—Publishers Weekly
The Stretcher Bearers is an exciting, hard-hitting historical graphic novel.” —Foreword Reviews
“I absolutely loved this book for many reasons. As many of my readers know, I’m not a fan of the overdone part of war history where everyone hyper-focuses on one battle (Gettysburg, D-Day etc) and every historian churns out constant books on that one thing. I came across The Stretcher Bearers right when I was looking for information on atypical WWI war experiences, and you can’t get much more ‘off the beaten path’ than a group of field medics in the infancy of the position. The story finds an amazing balance of showing the war as an inhuman meat grinder with no regard for any of the human pawns doing all of the fighting, and showing that glimmers of hope can come through the chaos in the most mysterious of ways. I wasn’t expecting such an emotional script by The Beamans, but they achieved the sort of impactful roller-coaster few comics pull off.” —Arcadia Pod
The Stretcher Bearers is a surprisingly touching graphic novel that'll have you fighting back tears by the end.” —Graphic Policy
“If you enjoy WWI stories, you should enjoy The Stretcher Bearers.” —Diane Reviews Books
The Stretcher Bearers is a fantastic book that shines a light on a war that often gets overlooked in our history classes and popular culture. Reid and Ryan Beaman do a fantastic job giving us a story that is harsh but not completely grim and definitely worth a read. 5 out of 5 stars.” —The Newest Rant
“This is an excellent graphic novel…. The pictures were amazing with beautiful detail…. [A] spectacular action and emotion filled graphic novel.” —Lady Reading 365

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