A Shipyard at War

Unseen Photographs from John Brown’s Clydebank, 1914-1918

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    December 15, 2014
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A companion to the highly successful Clydebank Battlecruisers, this collection of stunning shipyard photos, most previously unpublished, further showcases the work of a major shipbuilder during the Great War. Although best known for large liners and capital ships, between 1914 and 1920, the Clydebank shipyard of John Brown & Sons built a vast range of vessels. This volume features 200 photos depicting in unprecedented detail every aspect of the yard’s output, from the liner Aquitania in 1914 to the cruiser Enterprise, completed in 1920. While ships are the main focus of the book, the photos also chronicle the impact of the war on working conditions in the yard, most noticeably in the introduction of women in large numbers to the workforce. This book is a vivid portrait of a lost industry at the height of its success.

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