Seaforth World Naval Review 2025

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For more than a decade this annual volume has provided an authoritative summary of all the developments in the world's navies and their ships in the previous twelve months. It combines regional surveys with major articles on important new warships and looks at wider issues of significance to navies such as aviation and weaponry. The contributors come from around the globe and as well as providing a balanced picture of naval developments, they interpret their significance and explain their context.
As well as its regular regional reviews, a major feature of the 2025 edition is an analysis of the naval lessons of the Russo-Ukrainian war, while this year’s Significant Ships describe in depth the U.S. John Lewis class AORs, French Suffren class SSNs and Italian Paolo Thaon di Revel class offshore patrol vessels. The regular Regional Reviews summarize developments in the world’s naval forces but also spotlight the lesser-known fleets of Portugal and the Philippines. In the Technology section, David Hobbs provides his broad-ranging annual survey of naval aviation. Norman Friedman outlines trends in naval technology since the Cold War, while Richard Scott analyses the AN/SPY-6 radar, and the editor looks at the challenges surrounding the delivery of new Royal Navy warships.
Now firmly established as the only annual naval overview of its type in the world, the Seaforth World Naval Review is essential reading for professional and enthusiast alike. It takes the reader to the heart of contemporary maritime affairs.

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