Resisted, Arrested, Deported

The Concentration Camp Memoir of Francine R.

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Francine R. is arrested with her sister by the Gestapo on April 6, 1944, for the resistance actions of their brother. From there, they left in a convoy of women and were then separated. Throughout Francine’s journey, she was spared nothing: beatings as soon as she was arrested by the Gestapo, continuous humiliations, train rides in a cattle car, being greeted by wolf dogs on the platform of the concentration camp station, medical experiments, stripping the dead, looting the living, forced labor... But throughout she maintained the hope of getting out of this hell alive to find her sister.

Francine told Boris Golzio her story in detail in a long interview. The author decided to transcribe these words in a graphic novel where the text is composed only by Francine's voice, in her own language, which was raw, and made of hesitations, repetitions and tremors, to respect the ontological truth of her words and to give the best possible account of the life of this woman. Francine R. was but one Resistance fighter deported, among thousands of others, but whose voice is unique and must be saved from oblivion.

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