Punk's War

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Punk’s War reveals the inner workings of the U.S. Navy as only an insider can. An authentic and riveting thriller, it is a highly acclaimed novel of a fighter pilot’s experience in the era just before 9/11. As the U.S. military enters another post-conflict period, the themes of leadership during crisis and accomplishing the mission make Punk’s War more relevant than ever.

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Editorial Reviews

“Suspense, drama, and action as hot as a fighter jet’s afterburner, Carroll’s account of modern naval aviation reads like Top Gun on steroids. . . . Punk’s War speaks volumes about military careerism, aviation technology, naval operations in harm’s way, and the men who fly and fight for a living.” —Publishers Weekly
“Tom Clancy meets Joseph Heller in this riveting, irreverent portrait of the fighter pilots of today’s Navy. At last, somebody got it right. I couldn’t put it down!” —Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of the Intruder
Punk’s War has it all: the action of the best techno-thrillers, the emotional drama of Coonts, the realism of Keegan, and the craftmanship of a true professional.” —John F. Lehman Jr., former Secretary of the Navy, and author of Command the Seas