A Prisoner's Duty

Great Escapes in U.S. Military History

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Throughout our nation's history American servicemen and civilians have resisted captivity in every form, drawing on special powers of ingenuity, determination, and patriotism to escape— sometimes repeatedly. Robert Doyle's penetrating look at some extraordinary escapes by Americans breaks new ground in escape psychology, shedding light on the types of people who try to breakout and those who do not. This engrossing study probes the personal and social impacts of escape, the many motivations that spur such acts, and the concept of the escaper as the ideal prisoner and the ultimate patriot.

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"No one has studied the American POW experience more thoroughly than Robert C. Doyle, and with this book he has again shown us the beauty and heroism in the heart of the American POW who refuses to knuckle under. A Prisoner's Duty is a book not merely for those interested in military history but for anyone who wishes to understand the true essence of human freedom. " William J. Miller, editor, Civil War magazine