One More Good Flight

The Amelia Earhart Tragedy

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    September 15, 2024
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Shortly before embarking on her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, Amelia Earhart confided to a friend, “I have a feeling there is just about one more good flight left in my system and I hope this trip around the world is it.”

This book is the product of The Earhart Project, a thirty-four-year investigation of the Earhart tragedy by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. TIGHAR investigators had no agenda. They were not out to advocate, excuse, honor, or impugn. They saw the Earhart disappearance as an aviation accident and reasoned the answer to its cause and outcome should be discoverable if they could find, assemble, and analyze the relevant data. To understand why she died it was necessary to strip away the myths and sentimentality that have grown up over the years and examine the hard truths behind how Earhart's trip around the world came about and why it went so terribly wrong.

The U.S. Navy and Coast Guard were major players in the 1937 flight, disappearance, and search for Amelia Earhart, and in the aftermath. The story of the pressures and frustrations the services faced and the mistakes they made contain valuable lessons for today's commanders. My first book, Finding Amelia – The True Story of the Earhart Disappearance (NIP, 2006) chronicled what we knew at that time. This book updates the story with important new information from historical documents discovered since then and also provides extensive prequel and sequel narratives that complete the saga and give new perspective to the life and death of an American icon.

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