Middle East 101

"A Beginner's Guide for Deployers, Travelers, and Concerned Citizens"

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This work answers 101 essential questions on the Middle East, Islam, the Arab Spring, al-Qa’ida, and ISIS. It is for those wanting to begin an intellectual immersion into the complexities of the region from pre-biblical times to the post-Arab Spring. The authors have carefully focused on what the deploying soldier, sailor, Marine, coast guardsman or airman needs to know before arriving in the Middle East, including the nuances inherent in a region that is the crossroads of three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa) and how previous global powers interacted and left their mark. While developed and written for Americans about to deploy to combat zones and areas of operation, it is also of use to a wider audience of Americans serious about the challenges of the region.

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Editorial Reviews

"This is a brilliant overview of perhaps the most complex and challenging region of the world, and one that has historically been a difficult flash point. I highly recommend it for anyone engaged in the study not only of the Middle East, but of the world." —Adm. James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander at NATO (2009-2013) and former Dean of The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
"Whether serving with the U.S. military, conducting business, or visiting the sites of antiquity, Americans have been and will be closely connected to this birthplace of modern man. In their Middle East 101, the eminently qualified authors have answered 101 essential questions on the history, geography, religion, culture, and current politics of the region. This book is essential reading for anyone hoping to understand the dynamics of the Middle East." —Edward J. Marolda, coauthor of Shield and Sword: The U.S. Navy and the Persian Gulf War
"This guide will help you launch your intellectual journey through the Middle East and aid your understanding of critical topics, such as the history, politics, and society of the region; nuances within the Islamic faith; the turbulent outcome of the Arab Spring; and battle against militant Islamists. The answers to these 101 questions will provide you with essential background on the Middle East, whether you have previously served there, are now serving there, or will be called upon to serve there. I sincerely hope that this guide will encourage you to investigate more thoroughly this indispensably important part of the world." —From the Foreword by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, USA (Ret.)
"Middle East 101 is a fantastic resource for learning about the Middle East, its history, and its culture. With its accessible format and engaging style, it entertains readers while informing them. This work simplifies complex topics without being simplistic; it goes in depth without getting bogged down." —Ernest Tucker, author of The Middle East in Modern World History, Professor of History, U.S. Naval Academy
"This primer starts the process of creating the next generation of America's leaders in the transnational fight against terrorism, and in providing solutions to manage the complexities of the post-Arab spring environment." —Mr. Gary Greco, Defense Intelligence Agency (Retired) Featured in CNN Declassified, episode 2, The Hunt for Saddam Hussein
"In Middle East 101, two former U.S. naval officers have provided a comprehensive yet highly readable guide to the many facets of a region still largely unknown to the occidental public. I only wish it had appeared earlier, as it could have spared my anxious reading of many books before I served there." —Kenneth W. Estes, PhD., Lt. Col U.S. Marines (Ret), 2002 Research Fellow, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies & Research (Abu Dhabi)
"The 'Middle East,'—to the authors the region stretching from Morocco to Iran, northeastward to include Afghanistan, then back to the west to Turkey—is among the most important regions of the World, yet also among the least understood by Americans and other Westerners. Middle East 101 explains the religious, political, and cultural beliefs which formed the foundation of Middle Eastern society, the basic beliefs and rise of Islam, the expansion of European interests at the expense of the Ottoman Empire, and the role of oil and establishment of a Jewish state during the twentieth century. All of the responses to queries are concise and clearly written. Most go beyond a simple narrative to explain the causes, effects, and importance of events described." —James C. Bradford, professor emeritus of history, Texas A&M University
“This is not a book you will sit down and finish in one sitting. Though the answers to the questions are well written and concise, it is not a light read. With all that is happening in the region today, however, you will find yourself coming back to it repeatedly, in order to gain a better understanding of why and how things are the way they are today. If you expect to live, work or even fight in the Middle East, there is much in this book that will serve you well.” —Spotter Up
Middle East 101 is a great addition to the arsenal of works specifically dedicated to educating our nation’s leaders and defenders. Any member of the United States military who cracks open Aboul-Enein and Stanik’s latest work will put it down better equipped to serve in one of the world’s most volatile yet strategically vital corners.” —Naval Historical Foundation
“Every service member and American citizen could benefit from reading Middle East 101. It would even be appropriate for a condensed version of this work or its themes and overarching message to be a part of various services’ military induction training curriculum because it would provide Airmen, Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers a lens through which to view the region and gain a deeper understanding of what we fight for.” —Strategic Studies Quarterly
“The authors, both U.S. naval officers, have produced perhaps the best written, most useful single volume to clearly describe Middle East history, past, present, and future, religious and political....This is essential reading for any professional military officer.” —Military Officers Association of America
Middle East 101 is cleverly organized, with some [insightful sections].” —The Investigative Project on Terrorism
Middle East 101: A Beginner's Guide for Deployers, Travelers, and Concerned Citizens ... provides an engaging, comprehensive overview of Middle Eastern political and religious history…. Every service member and American citizen could benefit from reading Middle East 101.” —Air & Space Power Journal