Korean Odyssey

A Novel of a Marine Rifle Company in the Forgotten War

  • Subject: Korean War | U.S. Marine Corps
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    December 15, 2021
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Captain Sad Sam Gerdine is marking time at Camp Pendleton in the summer of 1950. He’s finally been given command of the rifle company he worked for with such focus that he lost both his wife and the child he loves. It’s not much of a command in the diminished post-World War II Marine Corps, but he’s doing his best with an outfit that includes rascals, rejects, and—fortunately—a solid cadre of anxious young officers and savvy, combat-hardened senior NCOs.

And then—in the words of Elmore Bates, his competent and colorfully profane Company Gunnery Sergeant—the “defecation strikes the oscillation.” War in Korea and the Marines will be the allied fire brigade against a North Korean juggernaut rolling across the Land of the Morning Calm.

In short order, mostly by ignoring rules and regulations, Captain Gerdine proceeds to make Able Company, 5th Marines a combat-ready outfit prepared to face the rigors of war in Korea. From the Pusan Perimeter to the audacious landing at Inchon and on into the frigid, intense combat at the Chosin Reservoir, Sad Sam’s Marines mold and meld into a shining example of how U.S. Marines get the job done despite formidable odds.  

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Editorial Reviews

“No one writes the brotherhood of warriors better than Dale Dye. No one.” —Stephen Coonts, author of Flight of the Intruder, Liberty's Last Stand and many others
Korean Odyssey is just what we would expect of Dale Dye. Well plotted and fast paced with credible characters, historically accurate with just enough technical detail, and the unmistakable ring of authority. Dye's description of the 1950s Marine Corps will resound among warriors of any war.” —Barrett Tillman, award-winning author of When the Shooting Stopped: August 1945
“The Forgotten War comes to life as these Marines jump from the page, as real as life, complete with flaws and courage. The veteran will appreciate the details and history, while the layman will become educated as to the horrors of the Korean War and the bravery of our Marines who fought it.” —Colin D. Heaton, author of The Star of Africa: The Story of Hans Marseille, the Rogue Luftwaffe Ace Who Dominated the WWII Skies
“Excellent writing and a very enjoyable read....this one is special. I have read a couple of other novelized versions of the campaign but none rang true in the Jarhead sense of behavior, lingo, and combat experience like Dye's work here.” —Lt. Col. Vic Taylor, USMC (Ret.)
“Dale Dye writes with an authenticity that cannot be denied. His writing expresses a warrior spirit that is a constant no matter what war he’s dealing with.... This is an important addition to the literature of ground-level-view fighting in America’s 'forgotten war' in Korea.” —The VVA Veteran