Honoring the Enemy

A Captain Peter Wake Novel

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    March 15, 2019
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Honoring the Enemy is the story of how American sailors, Marines, and soldiers landed in eastern Cuba in 1898 and, against daunting odds, fought their way to victory.

Capt. Peter Wake, USN, is a veteran of Office of Naval Intelligence operations inside Spanish-occupied Cuba, who describes with vivid detail his experiences as a naval liaison ashore with the Cuban and U.S. armies in the jungles, hospitals, headquarters, and battlefields in the 1898 campaign to capture Santiago de Cuba from the Spanish. His younger friend, and former superior, Theodore Roosevelt, is included in Wake’s story, as the two of them endure the hell of war in the tropics.

Wake’s account of the military campaign ashore is a window into the woeful incompetence, impressive innovations, energy-sapping frustration, and breathtaking bravery that is always at the heart of combat. His description of the great naval battle, from the unique viewpoint of a prisoner onboard the most famous Spanish warship, is an emotional rendering of how the concept of honor can transform a hopeless cause into a noble gesture of humanity. Honoring the Enemy is the fourteenth book in the award-winning Honor Series of historical naval novels.

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Editorial Reviews

“The action [in Honoring the Enemy] is good!... Highly recommended.” —La Gaceta
“Sign on to sail to sea again with Peter Wake! This epic saga just gets better and better, and represents the best blend of accurate history, deep character analysis, and heart-stopping action being written by any sea writer today. Robert Macomber is at the helm, and what a voyage this continues to be...” —Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret), Supreme Allied Commander at NATO 2013-2018, author of Sea Power: The History and Geopolitics of the World's Oceans
“Macomber is today's foremost practitioner of a fascinating subgenre -- historical fiction of the nautical variety. Building his series on the imagined autobiography of Peter Wake, he's given readers a vivid, multi-dimensional hero. Macomber makes the remarkable times he portrays glow. This latest title is no exception. History comes alive.” —Philip K. Jason, Professor Emeritus, United States Naval Academy, and author of Acts and Shadows: The Vietnam War in American Literary Culture
“Robert Macomber's new novel on the Spanish American War, Honoring the Enemy, is brilliant historical fiction and a must read for Navy fans and students of History and Cuba. It's an exceptionally well researched story of a major historical event and Macomber puts ONI's Captain Peter Wake in the middle of the exciting action ashore at San Juan Hill and at sea off Santiago de Cuba.” —Rear Admiral Tony Cothron, USN, Retired, 62nd Director of Naval Intelligence
“Pure entertainment from cover to cover, Robert N. Macomber's Honoring the Enemy is the fourteenth book in the award-winning Honor Series of historical naval novels from the Naval Institute Press. The newest Captain Peter Wake novel, Honoring the Enemy will prove to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to community library collections.” —Midwest Book Review
“If you like nautical fiction, Honoring the Enemy will be a delightful treat.” —The Daily News
“This magnificent historical novel is just fine as a stand-alone. The military, operational intelligence, and technical acumen of the well-known author are exceedingly formidable. The accompanying sketch maps are illustrative and necessary, something too often missing in many books. The Spanish are portrayed as honorable adversaries fighting a losing battle. Small, surprising and arcane historical details abound. Macomber’s work is filled with military pathos and sentiment all soldiers and sailors will instantly understand. A masterpiece, and one of the best I’ve reviewed!” —Historical Novel Society
“Old and new fans of Mr. Macomber will appreciate the useful timeline of Capt. Wake’s life that sets the protagonist in his historical context and in the parameters of his unique values, skills and personality.” —Florida Weekly
Florida Writers Association: 2020 Florida Writer of the Year
2019 Florida Book Award (GOLD) - Popular Fiction
“Macomber weaves the plot and subplots as only he can to tell a riveting tale of this nearly disastrous invasion. His novel is tough to put down and invites you to reread it.” —The Ensign
—Eric Hoffer Book Awards - "Historical Fiction Category Finalist"