Great American Naval Battles

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A distinguished team of historians presents authoritative accounts of nineteen of the most important battles fought by American naval forces in this volume of essays, compiled and introduced by the well-known naval historian Jack Sweetman. The battles include two in the War of Independence, three in the War of 1812, three in the Civil War, two in the Spanish-American War, eight in World War II, and one in the postwar period.

Based on up-to-date scholarship and written to both educate and entertain, each of the essays provides a scene-setting overview of the strategic situation at the time of the action, a description of the battle itself, and an examination of its significance. Biographical profiles of American commanders illustrate the critical influence of leadership in combat. Sweetman opens the book with an interpretive survey of American naval history from the American Revolution through the Gulf War and an analysis of the evolving strategic and doctrinal contexts in which the navy's operations have occurred. While there are any number of general histories of the U.S. Navy available, this is the first battle history to appear in more than fifty years. Many of the essayists included, Edward L. Beach and Paul Stillwell to name two, are authors of other respected Naval Institute publications. A generous selection of maps and charts, detailed orders of battle, portraits, and combat art complement its authoritative text to create a work sure to prove of enduring value.

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