"French Warships in the Age of Steam, 18591914"

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This book is the first comprehensive listing in English of the over 1400 warships that were added to the official French navy fleet list between 1 January 1859 and World War I. It includes everything from the largest battleships to a small, armored gunboat that looked like a floating egg. The ships are listed in three separate parts to keep contemporary ships together and then by ship type and class. For each class, the book provides a design history explaining why the ships were built, substantial technical characteristics for the ships as completed and after major reconstructions, and selected career milestones including the fate of each ship. 

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“If you are interested in the French navy of this period or in the history of warship design, then this will be an essential reference work, tracing the development of the warships of one of Europe's main naval powers.” –History of War
"This outstanding book completes a trilogy, with the first two volumes of French Warships in the age of Sail covering the periods 1626-1786 and 1786-1861 . . ." — The Mariner's Mirror