The Flutist of Arnhem

A Story of Operation Market Garden

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In October 1943, all the Special Operations Executive (SOE) agents in Holland are captured by the Germans . . . except one. John Hewson, a.k.a. “Boekman,” is the most dangerous agent to the German occupiers, with vital information about the German army, Boekman escapes the clutches of the S.S. and stays hidden until the start of the largest airborne operation in World War II: Operation Market Garden. When the SOE learn that Boekman is still alive, and that his estranged son, Harry, is on the ground fighting in Market Garden, Harry is tasked with organizing a small commando unit to rescue Boekman and try to escape through the German siege. The Battle of Arnhem unfolds day by day as father and son search for each other amidst the chaos of war and the dogged pursuits of a cruel Gestapo agent.  

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Editorial Reviews

“A beautifully drawn and colored tale that follows closely with the facts of Operation Market Garden. It also illustrates one truth: that those involved in the underground against the Nazi's never succeeded without great loss. Antonio Gil also shows that stories of World War II still thrill and inspire us, even when the years stretch our connections with these events.” —Wayne Vansant, author of Katusha: Girl Soldier of the Patriotic War
“The art really great to look at.” —WordAholicAnonymous
“This book is of great interest to learn more about Operation Market Garden. This is due to the inclusion of maps, historical references, and other data and elements that give an almost documentary touch to this volume.” —La Burbuja Literaria De J.C.
“The drawings display realism…. You do not have to be an expert in history to appreciate the enormous effort that is made in this way, so that uniforms, tanks, weapons and everything we see in each graphic  is one more element of the deep immersion in history that Gil facilitates with his work…. The Flutist of Arnhem is a good war comic, the kind that allows us to reconcile ourselves with a way of narrating that sometimes seems to have fallen into disuse but is still as effective as it ever has been. And it is a good demonstration that in history there are still many stories that have not been told or that can be re-told without the need to abuse approaches or caroms forced by specific fashions.” —Cómic Para Todos
“Gil gives us pulse-pounding escapes from the Germans’ tightening noose, stealthy assassinations of enemy combatants, and explosive firefights that test a soldier’s mettle…. The art is compellingly realistic, with excellent attention given to facial expressions and anatomy as well as to the machinery of war. The colors and lines have a thick, clumpy quality that, combined with the realism of the images, lends the work a digital, rotoscoped feel. The action is intense and the violence is brutal without being gory.” —Kirkus Reviews
The Flutist of Arnhem contains many facts about the battle as well as the fictional dramatization. I liked the images [and] selected cover art. I give this graphic novel a 4.4 out of 5.” —John’s Notes
“With an ambitious sense of scale, the book includes many views of, and perspectives on, the proceedings…. Most of the book strikes an effective balance between maps and military plans on one hand, and the actions and emotions of the characters on the other. The art is notable for its attention to detail, from uniforms and equipment to fine-tuned facial expressions. The Flutist of Arnhem is an epic, exciting tale from World War II.” —Foreword Reviews
“Gil’s story sincerely lauds the bravery of soldiers battling in impossible circumstances.” —Publishers Weekly