Fighting in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

"U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Electronic Warfare Aircraft, Operations, and Equipment"

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In Fighting in the Electromagnetic Spectrum author Thomas Wildenberg provides the first detailed review of the systems and methodology of combat and intelligence-gathering operations along the electromagnetic spectrum. Communications interception and interference are additional aspects of this frequently misunderstood form of highly specialized technical warfare.

Wildenberg cuts through the secrecy about the understandably mysterious domain of electronic warfare. He offers details on aircraft and methods while providing a layman’s set of definitions of terms. Wildenberg shares lessons learned from World War II through our most recent conflicts to offer the reader a foundational understanding of this complex form of combat in all its forms. Fighting in the Electromagnetic Spectrum discloses rarely covered concepts and methods that will shape future great power future conflict.

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Editorial Reviews

“As the United States comes out of a two-decade focus on counterterrorism operations, the need to reinvigorate electronic warfare capability across the military services has become paramount. Skills that were well-honed during the Cold War have atrophied to levels that require dedicated focus to rebuild. Wildenberg’s work provides an historical review of how the United States Navy and Marine Corps built their electronic warfare capability in the years following the introduction of the electromagnetic spectrum to air operations. This book should serve as a roadmap for electronic warfare strategists and practitioners who are working to rebuild the capability across the services; it also fills a considerable historiographical gap and should be of interest to all airpower historians.” —Tyler Morton - Author, From Kites Cold War: The Evolution of Manned Airborne Reconnaissance
“Thomas Wildenberg’s Fighting in the Electromagnetic Spectrum is a fascinating look at a much overlooked area. While many talk about Electronic Warfare few truly understand its history and its importance. Wildenberg has done away with the mythology and secrecy in what will surely be one of the defining books on the subject. Here is the story of “EW” from its inception to its modern use on the battlefield, told in the way only one of America’s preeminent Naval Historians is capable of doing.” —Dr. Brian D. Laslie, Command Historian United States Air Force Academy
“Wildenberg’s thorough research is a fantastic and much-needed resource on the often-overlooked realm of electronic warfare. Electromagnetic Spectrum Warfare is often an arcane subject, but Wildenberg makes it understandable and puts it in a useful historical context.” —Michael W. Hankins, Author, Flying Camelot: The F-15, the F-16, and the Weaponization of Fighter Pilot Nostalgia