Fatal Cruise of the Argus

Two Captains in the War of 1812

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This is history, vibrant and on a grand scale and rich in the details of seafaring life with a focus on an American and a British naval officer whose separate paths converge in 1813 during a fierce battle between the Argus and the Pelican.

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"By its title, this book is to some extent sailing under false colors. Although its climax is the commerce-raiding cruise and eventual capture of the U.S. brig╩Argus╩during the War of 1812, its total coverage is vastly greater. It is essentially a biography of two captainsùthe American William Henry Allen and his British opponent, John Fordyce Maplesùand their two ships, crews, and problems both professional and personal. In fact, it is a microcosmic portraitùthoroughly researched and very well written by retired naval officer and active yachtsman Dyeùof the golden age of naval warfare under sail. Lovers of Napoleonic naval fiction, from the novels of Captain Marryat up to those of the currently popular Patrick O'Brian, will find a feast in the book, and it makes a worthwhile addition to serious naval history collections, too." — Booklist