Devil Dogs

Fighting Marines of World War I

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In telling the story of the extraordinary contributions of the U.S. Marines in World War I, this now-classic history examines the Corps’ entire experience in France. Now available in paperback, the book is a valuable resource for data, especially details about each unit and how they functioned. Bolstered with information from official documents as well as published and unpublished memoirs, readers follow the Marines from their recruitment, through training and shipment overseas, to the horrors of trench warfare. The famous battle at Belleau Wood is fully examined, along with the lesser known campaigns at Blanc Mont and Meuse River, and the critical engagements at Verdun, Marbache, and St. Mihiel. Readers learn how the 4th Marine Brigade earned the nickname “Devil Dogs” and why their experiences helped forge the Corps’ identity. It is a new addition to the Leatherneck Classics series.

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"Highly detailed and filled with fascinating insights, Devil Dogs takes no prisoners. . . . Devil Dogs is a must-read for any student of Marine history or for those wishing to get the full picture of this colorful era. . . . A modern classic of the American experience of the Great War." —Leatherneck"Clark, a former Marine and a historian of the Corps, does an excellent job of showing how the identity of the U.S. Marine Corps was forged in the experiences of the American Expeditionary Force in 1917—1918. . . . Establishes beyond question the WWI origins of the synergistic emphasis on small-unit leadership, sharp-end initiative, and esprit de corps that, for good and ill, characterizes and defines the U.S. Marine Corps." — Publishers Weekly
Devil Dogs is a tremendous, superbly written book built on solid historical research and attention to detail. . . . [Clark's] book will become the standard by which all other books will be judged on the role of the Marine Corps in the Great War. ù Stars and Stripes
"Devil Dogs helps in understanding the complex developments of the Great War era. In one volume, [Clark] presents a comprehensive history of the Corps' role in that war." — Marine Corps Gazette