A Country Such As This

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    January 15, 2013
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The innocence the 1950s and turbulence of the 1960s and 70s--years when America reached out and touched the heavens, only to be torn apart by internal conflict and a war in Southeast Asia--provide a dramatic setting for this unforgettable story of three men and the women they love carving a place for themselves in a society where the rules keep changing. Written by bestselling novelist James Webb, it has been hailed as a major work of our time and a stunning commentary of political and social life in America over nearly three decades. From the wars in Korea and Vietnam to antiwar protests in Washington and POW camps in Hanoi, from young love and parenthood to divorce and reconciliation, Webb's eye for detail, provocative insights, and subtle revelations have earned him the highest literary accolades. His convincing characters and gripping scenes fully engage the reader as the three Naval Academy graduates reevaluate their lives, their country, and the cost of success.

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Editorial Reviews

“James Webb is one of the four or five most important young writers in this country.” —TOM WOLFE, author of The Right Stuff
A Country Such as This deserves the highest literary accolades. It is a major work of our rime.” —WALL STREET JOURNAL
“Compelling ... distinguished by energy and raw power ... passionate commitment and historical sweep.” —NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW
“A stunning summary of political and social life in America.” —NASHVILLE BANNER
“Webb is a skilled and gifted novelist. He has the right instincts for creating interesting characters, personal and interpersonal conflicts, gripping scenes, ironic twists, provocative insights, and subtle revelations. Most importantly, perhaps, he has the ability to arouse the reader's emotions. His people are real, convincing in their pain, their joy, their beliefs, backgrounds, and bedevilment's.” —DENVER POST
“More than a novel. Webb's vast research and eye for detail make his historical saga ring true.” —DALLAS MORNING NEWS