From the Cold War to ISIL

One Marine's Journey

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    September 15, 2019
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The fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the former Soviet Union forced America's armed forces to redefine themselves and codify their role as a key element of national power. New threats and emerging technologies changed the very character of war and demanded new strategies and an adaptable military to address them.

Jason Q. Bohm began his service to our nation as a Marine at the start of this tumultuous era. He takes the reader on a journey from the turbulent times at the end of the Cold War through the current fight against the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Bohm provides candid and useful historical background as, through a series of personal vignettes and rich operational experience, he describes how Marines translated strategic and operational objectives into tactical actions. In this unique way, he not only tells his story but that of the Marine Corps, and provides an invaluable look at the challenging times confronting Marines.

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Editorial Reviews

“Jason Bohm, a colonel at this text’s writing and now a brigadier general, has faithfully and courageously served our nation as a Marine during most of these latest periods of adjustment. His career and his insights provide us an invaluable look at changing missions for changing times.” —From the Foreword by Gen. J. M. Paxton Jr., USMC (Ret.)
“Brigadier General Bohm’s story is a must-read for all Marines. From Mogadishu to Iraq; from recruiting duty to the Halls of Congress, he was witness and participant in the key battles and struggles, both on the battlefield and in barracks, that affected today’s Corps and shaped the Corps of tomorrow. His lessons on leadership; command; and preparing a unit for any mission should be a key part of every Marine’s education.” —Lt. Gen.  Richard P. Mills, USMC (Ret.)
“This is a wonderful manuscript that tells the story of a Marine officer’s career from its beginning as a naval ROTC Cadet in college through his last experience in Iraq. It is written with humility, humor, and intelligence. This will be a useful book for junior officers who considering a lifetime career in the Marine Corps.” —Williamson Murray, Marshall Professor at Marine Corps University and professor emeritus at The Ohio State University
"Jason Bohm has written what portends to be a highly instructive book on what it means to lead Marines in both peace and war. Honest and direct, Bohm does not pull any punches about the challenges of leadership he has faced and the various methods he employed in order to succeed with his Marines and, most importantly, with himself. This book will become a valuable resource for anyone who aspires to be a leader." —Charles P. Neimeyer, author of War in the Chesapeake, professor at Fleet Support Program, Naval War College
“In a very thoughtful book by Brig. Gen. Jason Q, Bohm, USMC, the author provides a solid look at the second phase of U.S. military development and ends the book by highlighting the nature of the challenge of facing the third phase of military development…. His book provides a rich look at the kinds of innovation the USMC and the joint force underwent to deal with the global war on terrorism, COIN and stability operations…. The book is a highly recommended read to understand what this evolution of the US military to deal with the land wars meant to the military undergoing and executing the change. It is also helpful in understanding how dramatic the shift back to hi-intensity operations is going to be.” —
“I strongly recommend you start the new year by putting From the Cold War to ISIL: One Marine’s Journey by Jason Bohm at the top of your reading list. This book puts the reader in the author’s shoes as he began his service to our nation as a Marine during this tumultuous era. His insights throughout this period provide us an invaluable look at the United States Marine Corps and how it adapted to ‘Changing Missions for Changing Times’.... This book will appeal to many audiences. Readers will gain an appreciation for how major shifts in U.S. domestic politics and the geo-political landscape between 1986 and 2016 shaped today’s United States Marine Corps. Military audiences will reminisce and reflect on many of the operations, duty stations, and experiences they shared during their service. Americans in general will feel a sense of pride for the many accomplishments achieved by the United States Marine Corps, and indeed by all of America’s armed forces over the last thirty years.” —Spotter Up
“Marines, especially Marine officers can learn from Bohm’s book. It depicts not only a successful, three-decade, career experience, but it is a chronicle too of our changing strategy and the amazing variety of allies and adversaries that a Marine officer will face in his or her career. It is also a story of a warrior-strategist-thinker, working in a service characterized by tradition and a world where change is the only constant. On top of all of that, this excellent book is an interesting read and a model for seeing how your daily duties fit into the broader security environment and the national strategy. It will be well worth your effort.” —Small Wars Journal
“The unique contribution of From the Cold War to ISIL is the humble, reflective account of history, current events, policy and doctrine through the vehicle of one marine’s journey. The lived experience of his career is connected to the relationship of guiding documents, publications, joint, combined and multinational command structures. The fresh approach of history, an individual’s personal development, interrelation to external forces, published guidance and a balance of tactical, operational, and strategic insight make this tome a lesson in individual sensemaking and sense-giving within the greater role of national security. While the story is Brigadier General Jason Bohm’s, the lessons can be appreciated by anyone seeking a deeper understanding of how localized tactical formations find a place in the greater network of national interests.” —The Strategy Bridge
From the Cold War to ISIL is a smooth and easy read. Bohm clearly explains all of the Marine Corpsisms and terminology along the way. In fact, it is an ideal introductory book on the Marine Corps itself. The breadth of Bohm’s assignments during his career and his lucid prose allow him to showcase the varied capabilities of the Marine Corps and their purpose without deviating from his own story…. This book is an excellent introduction or familiarization with the Marine Corps through the story of one exceptional Marine.” —The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord