Cats in the Navy

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    June 15, 2022
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Cats were seen as omens in ancient times but eventually became trusted animal companions to those who sailed the seas. From catching rats at docks and on ships at sea, cats often became mascots to the navies around the globe. Filled with informative text and more than eighty photos, Cats in the Navy provides a fun history of our feline friends who rode the waves with us.

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Editorial Reviews

“Fans of seeing cute cat photos will love this book, as seeing cats in little sailor costumes and sleeping in little cat hammocks is pretty fun…. This book was an entertaining quick read and would be a perfect gift for a cat lover or military enthusiast alike.” —Arcadia Pod
Cats in the Navy is a book with vintage photos of cats on navy ships and historical accounts of the role of cats in navies around the world. Are you fond of vintage cat pictures? Do you fancy naval history in the modern world? Then you must have this book!.... This is a fun read and it’s well written. Cats in the Navy should be welcome in any cat lover's home.” —Pet Radio Show
Cats in the Navy takes a deep dive into the history of sailing cats — from Nile barges in ancient Egypt to World War II battleships. Sure to be a favorite for cat lovers, the book explores the little-known aspects of felines and naval history. It also includes probably the largest extant published collection of seagoing cat images…. The next time you reflect on naval warfare or the rise and fall of global empires, just remember that behind every great sailor in history was a cat. Probably.” —HistoryNet
“This book is a big slice of happy…. This book was more than stories of cats…. Christenson humanized sailors throughout history through his respectful and often humorous writing…. The stories and photos will absolutely delight cat lovers. But for anyone with any connection to the Navy or a sailor, Cats in the Navy will instill a sense of pride in the kindness and humanity these sailors exhibited during very dark and scary times. This is perfect for history buffs, animal lovers, and of course, anyone with a connection to the Navy.” —Retired Rats
Cats in the Navy is a fun and endlessly fascinating read…. It belongs on the shelves of all cat lovers and will make an excellent gift for the cat lover in your life. Sailors and history buffs will also enjoy this book.” —Stay Curious by Chris Wolak
Cats in the Navy is a well-researched-evidence-based compendium on how cats supported ships and crews throughout time and in keeping general morale high for the sailors who sailed the seven seas.” —Naval Historical Foundation
“Cats in the Navy is one of those unusual little gems that has appeal for several types of people. If you are a cat lover, check! This book is for you! If you enjoy historical photographs, check! You might want a copy of this volume. If someone in your family is in the Navy or has a nautical background, check! Pick up a copy of Cats in the Navy as a holiday or birthday gift…. The book will provide laughter and knowledge about the important roles of our seafaring feline friends. Not only is it a fun read for adults, it is a great book to share with youngsters as well. Conversations regarding the important roles that animals play in the lives of humans can be started from enjoying the delightful photographs and humorous tales that the book includes.” —TAPinto
Cats in the Navy is a short, whimsical book filled with photographs that cat lovers will enjoy. Each photo is accompanied with a short write-up about that specific cat and a more detailed paragraph on the facing page that describes that cat’s role in the Navy. The author is obviously a cat-lover as several photos are from his own personal collection…. All-in-all, this is a fun book for pet lovers of all ages and there is sufficient research to suggest that those interested in naval history will also enjoy the read.” —Hampton Road Naval Museum


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The Forgotten History of Cats in the Navy - National Geographic feature
Screen shot from article about cats in the navy for National Geographic. The black and white image shows five Royal Navy sailors on the deck of the HMS Sentinel in 1914. They are posed next to a rum barrel. Two are seated and three are standing. Three hold cats in their arms.


Cats in the Navy Book Trailer: The Marine and the Kitten

Sample Interior Pages

A Royal Navy ships cat eagerly waits with the crew for a ration of Bovril beef tea in this advertisement, circa 1916.
Arthur Pidgeon and other Royal Navy sailors pose by the rum barrel with the cats of HMS Sentinel, 1914.
The mascot (cat) of HMS Queen Elizabeth struts along a 15-inch gun near Gallipoli, 1915.
A kitten wears a custom U.S. Navy Cracker Jack uniform in 1950.