British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identific

"Volume IV: Cruisers 1865-1939, Part 2"

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The Richard Perkins warship identification albums form one of the most detailed studies ever undertaken of the changes to the appearance of Royal Navy ships. In collaboration with the National Maritime Museum, the publication of this monumental work in a superbly produced multi-volume edition captures all the qualities of the original. Every page is reproduced at full size, making the extensive hand-written annotation readable, while the fine-line drawings retain all the colors that Perkins used to denote appearance differences and alterations.This second part includes most of the smaller cruisers from about 1916 back to the Amazon-class corvettes of 1865.

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"...the publication of this volume and others will be of great import to those with an interest in the Royal Navy during the eight decades prior to the Second World War." —The Northern Mariner
"Anyone with an interest in the development of the warships of this period... will find this volume an important addition to their bookshelf." —Australian Naval Institute