British and German Battlecruisers

Their Development and Operations

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The authors of British and German Battlecruisers have detailed the fast and formidably-armed battlecruisers developed before and during World War I in a way that has never been attempted before. They begin by looking at the relationship and rivalry between Great Britain and Germany and how foreign policy, strategic and tactical considerations, economic, industrial and technological developments, as well as naval policies led to the commencement of the battlecruiser programs in both countries. Chapters are then devoted to the development of the ships in each country, to design and construction, protection, propulsion plants, weapons, fire control, and communication systems. Particular focus is paid to the innovative aspects of the designs and their strengths and weaknesses. These ships eventually clashed in the North Sea at Dogger Bank, in January 1915, and while neither side suffered losses, the differences in their design and handling were apparent. These differences would be starkly highlighted a year later at Jutland when three British ships were destroyed. This is a major new work for naval enthusiasts everywhere.

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