From the Battlefield to the Big Screen

Famous Actors of the Second World War

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When Richard Todd played the part of Major John Howard in the 1962 epic The Longest Day, he was reliving his own wartime experiences as one of the first British officers to parachute into Normandy on D-Day to capture Pegasus Bridge. 

Among the many familiar figures of TV and cinema who fought for their country are Sir Dirk Bogarde, who arrived at a secret location in Normandy just after D-Day to carry out vital aerial photographic interpretation exercises with the Royal Canadian Air Force, and Audie Murphy, who lied about his age to enlist after the attack on Pearl Harbor and went on to become America’s most decorated soldier of the war. 

We have all admired the stars for the pleasure they have brought to our lives, but the true stories of these people we know so well are far more evocative than any part they played on the silver screen. 

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"In addition to the four people mentioned in the title, Foreman touches briefly on the wartime experiences of many other actors notably David Niven and Ralph Richardson, offers a lot of insights into the film business, both before and during the war, and more, such as the role of women in the services. This is an idiosyncratic study of three men with varying military experiences and post-war movie careers.... Of general interest, this will probably be read mostly by those interested in these actors, who may be curious about what they did during World War II." -The Nymas Review