Before the Battlecruiser

"The Big Cruiser in the World’s Navies, 1865-1910"

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    November 15, 2018
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The battlecruiser is perceived by many as the most glamorous of warships, remembered for its triumphs and tragedies in both world wars. Often forgotten are its lineal ancestors, the big cruisers that were constructed as capital ships for distant waters, as commerce raiders, and as fast scouts for the battle fleet during the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first years of the twentieth.
In this new book by bestselling author Aidan Dobson, the two hundred or so big cruisers that were built for the world’s navies from 1865 are described and analyzed in detail.

Editorial Reviews

"The book discusses the Big Cruiser in war and peace and it is this coverage, together with the ships' design features through their relatively short reign, and the reasons for their decline, make this book well worth acquiring. Half of the book is devoted to line drawings and ship class data while the book's narrative half is well illustrated.... Before the Battlecruiser provides the full story of this warship type in the world's navies and their role in naval diplomacy and warfare in a fascinating period of world history." —The Australian Naval Institute
"The book not only matched my expectations, it exceeded them, and I thoroughly recommend it." —Wargaming Miscellany
“Well-illustrated, with photographs, diagrams, and even full color images of some original plans, Before the Battlecruiser is a valuable reference for anyone interested in the evolution of the modern warship.” —Strategy Page
“Before the Battlecruiser is a major contribution to the literature of naval development in the later nineteenth century. It is a beautifully presented, thoroughly analyzed, and lucidly written presentation of a long-neglected topic. It needs to find a place in the library of any serious student of warship history of the period.” —Nautical Research Journal
“The book is well printed, on thick, good quality paper. This is an unusual, intriguing title, absolutely crammed full of little-known information.” —Warship