Atlantic War Remembered

An Oral History Collection

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From the U-boat plagued convoys in the North Atlantic to the beaches of Normandy and the Big Three Conference at Yalta, twenty-eight men and women here relive their experiences in the Allied defeat of Hitler. Drawn from a vast collection of oral histories recorded by John T. Mason, Jr., between 1960 and 1982, these extraordinary eyewitness accounts are readily available once again to the public.

Through an invasion commander's binoculars  and a frogman's face mask, readers share the horror, grit, and humor of combat. With unqualified realism Admiral H. Kent Hewitt describes the landing at French Morocco, America's first major amphibious operation, and Captain Phil H. Bucklew recalls how one of his beach scouts at Sicily held a flashlight to mark invasion lanes while backed up against a German pillbox firing a machine gun over his head. The home front gets equal attention, for here, too, are the stories of those who supported the war effort in the United States. These and other  personal narratives presented make memorable reading and give far more insights into historic  events than most scholarly analyses.

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“World War II has entered history. Some veterans are still alive, but fewer with each passing day. Even those born between 1939 and 1945 are retirement age. The Atlantic War Remembered: An Oral History Collection edited by John T. Mason Jr., allows people today to read what those veterans remembered. It collects accounts from participants in World War II’s Atlantic naval war…. [It] also captures the attitudes and outlooks of World War II participants unfiltered through the lens of today’s political correctness.” —The Daily News
“This clearly edited collection contains firsthand accounts from the Atlantic Theatre during World War II as well as the home front. While most books on WWII cover strategy or tactics, this fascinating book contains the thoughts and actions of people directly involved in those endeavors…. This valuable WWII resource includes maps, a list of military abbreviations, a bibliography and an index.” —The Ensign