Adopting Mission Command

Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture

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    This book offers up a set of recommendations, based on those mission command concepts, for adopting a superior command culture through education and training.
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    September 15, 2019
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In September 2010, James G. Pierce, a retired U.S. Army colonel with the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania, published a study on Army organizational culture. Pierce postulated that "the ability of a professional organization to develop future leaders in a manner that perpetuates readiness to cope with future environmental and internal uncertainty depends on organizational culture." He found that today's U.S. Army leadership "may be inadequately prepared to lead the profession toward future success."

The need to prepare for future success dovetails with the use of the concepts of mission command. This book offers up a set of recommendations, based on those mission command concepts, for adopting a superior command culture through education and training. Donald E. Vandergriff believes by implementing these recommendations across the Army, that other necessary and long-awaited reforms will take place.

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Editorial Reviews

"With the challenges posed by modern warfare, it is imperative that military leaders understand and be able to implement the fundamentals of Mission Command. Donald Vandergriff and his team have once again provided invaluable insight in to how to make Mission Command a reality." —Jeffrey M. Nail, Sergeant Major, Infantry, United States Army
"Don Vandergriff is leading the fight for Mission Command - the preparation of American Soldiers for informed, independent action in the chaos of 21st Century Warfare. Vandergriff's work reaffirms the truth that in war, the Soldier's mind and spirit are the most decisive weapons." —COL Douglas MacGregor, USA, (Ret.), PhD, author of Margin of Victory: Five Battles that Changed the Face of Modern War, Naval Institute Press, 2016
"Don Vandergriff in his latest book, dives deep into the history of Mission Command and how to adopt it to organizational cultures. You want your cops to take joy in responsibility of policing a free society? Then, teach them, trust them and let them do their jobs. Applying the ideas in this book will help you do just that." — Fred T. Leland Jr.| Lt. Ret. Walpole Police Department | Author: The Adaptive Leadership Handbook: Innovative Ways to Teach and Develop Your People | Police Instructor Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee
"The best thing about Don Vandergriff's work is that it comes from both a practical and academic foundation. Don has studied the theories and history, but he has also seen them in practical application with his own eyes. He has done it, too. This is what makes Don's writing so valuable for those who are looking to empower individuals, enable decentralized operations, and build trust within their organizations." Chad R. Foster. Lieutenant Colonel, Armor, Instructor at Department of Military Instruction, US Military Academy at West Point, NY
Adopting Mission Command is an invaluable resource for anyone who leads or trains tactical organizations. Vandergriff notes that the Army has improved in past years. This volume will help further that positive trend.” —Association of the United States Army (AUSA)
“Is leadership culture the chicken or the egg? This book offers a partial but essential answer to that question.” —Veterans Today
“Vandergrift has produced a timely book that offers excellent insights on how to train and develop future military leaders. His book is recommended for military trainers, small unit leaders, and scholars interested in military doctrine.” —Journal of Military History
“Vandergriff’s ideas on reforming tactical-level training will prove valuable to tactical-level leaders…. The author has offered the reader of Adopting Mission Command a practical handbook on how to train better leaders at the margins of mission command—where strategy and operations give way to tactics, and soldier life or death.” —Modern War Institute
Adopting Mission Command is intended for serving military personnel and especially Directing Staff at officer training and educational institutions. It offers them practical guidance and concrete exercises to use in their teaching, as Vandergriff has done in advising the US military. The book will prove very useful to military educational establishments, which will almost certainly want to add it to their reading lists.” —Michigan War Studies Review
“Vandergriff’s work is both informative and timely and founded upon proven developmental practices; it also incorporates historical examples as proof of concept. Recommended.” —The Military Reviewer