Dr. Milan Vego is a University Professor and the Admiral R.K. Turner Professor of Operational Art at the Naval War College, in Newport, Rhode Island, since 1991. Obtaining political asylum in the United States in 1976, he served for twelve years as a naval officer and four years as 2nd Officer (Deck) in the Merchant Marine. He holds a PhD in Modern European History from George Washington University (1981). He also has a Master Mariner's license (1973). He has published numerous articles and essays in various professional journals and is the author of fourteen books, including Soviet Naval Tactics (1992); Battle for Leyte, 1944 (2006), and Operational Warfare At Sea (2009, 2017). His latest book is Exercising Control of the Sea (2020). Dr. Vego is also the author of the textbook Joint Operational Warfare (2007, 2009), used at the Naval War College and a number of other service colleges in the United States and overseas.

Articles by Milan Vego

U.S. Navy (JHI Scott)

No Need for High Speed

By Milan Vego
September 2009
The two Littoral Combat Ship prototypes were built before their missions were identified clearly. Why do they need high speed?

The Value of Open Debate

By Milan Vego
May 2004
The discussion about whether to express one's views on purely professional matters on the pages of the Proceedings or some other professional journal seems superfluous and a waste of time ...

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