Frankie Witzenburg worked at the U.S. Naval Institute as the assistant digital archivist until 2022, where she worked on digitizing the photographic collections.

Articles by Frankie Witzenburg

HMS Erebus

The Lost Franklin Expedition

By Frankie Witzenburg
October 2020
When Sir John Barrow took up the position as Second Secretary of the Admiralty of the United Kingdom in 1804, he inherited a legacy of European naval exploration that spanned ...
Spanish Influenza

A Little Bird Named Enza

By Frankie Witzenburg
August 2022
I had a little bird, and its name was Enza. I opened the window and in-flu-enza. - A children's jumprope rhyme
Neptune Party

The Ladies of Newport

By Frankie Witzenburg
June 2022
The investigations that took place during the Newport Sex Scandal fall into a broader narrative of unethical techniques used to single out and persecute LGBTQ+ individuals.