Craig L. Symonds taught history at the U.S. Naval Academy for thirty years. He is the author of ten books on naval and Civil War subjects, including Lincoln and His Admirals.

Articles by Craig Symonds

"The Battle for Fox Green Beach, D-Day Normandy" by Dwight Shepler

'The Navy Saved Our Hides'

By Craig L. Symonds
June 2014
Omaha Beach, 6 June 1944: As U.S. soldiers faced a wall of German gunfire, tin-can sailors came to the rescue and tipped the scale toward victory.
Library of Congress

The Sumter Conundrum

By Craig L. Symonds
March 2011
For newly elected President Abraham Lincoln, Fort Sumter was more than just a military problem—it was a political tightrope-walk.
National Archives

Lincoln's "Father Neptune"

By Craig L. Symonds
March 2011
Brusque, widely disliked, oddly bewigged, Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles was nonetheless the right man for a tough job.

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