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“William Trimble’s new biography of Adm. John S. (‘Slew’) McCain is one of the finest naval history books to appear in years. His analysis of McCain’s life and many contributions to naval aviation and the U.S. Navy as a whole is fundamental to understanding the Navy’s part in winning the Pacific War. The work is exceptionally well researched and scrupulously objective, without exaggerating McCain’s successes or whitewashing his failures.” —John B. Lundstrom, author of Black Shoe Carrier Admiral
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"This Triumvirate of Soviet Navy experts join forces to describe a legendary adversary Admiral during the Cold War. For the first time, Polmar, Fedoroff and Brooks explain and explore Gorshkov's revolutionary high-seas operations and forward employment of nuclear submarines. Timely, powerful, and relevant!" —Admiral James G. Foggo III, USN Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa

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This graphic novel recreates Erich Maria Remarque’s classic story in vivid detail through meticulous research. The accurate depictions of uniforms, weapons, trenches, and death brings the horrors of the Western Front to life in a bold new way.

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23 February - Seminar

Sat, 2019-02-23

David F. Winkler

3 March - Lecture

Sun, 2019-03-03

Stephen A. Bourque

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