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“In the age of social media, we have an entire generation of company and field grade officers who are taking their professional military education into their own hands…. Ty and Nate seized on this moment to produce ... a book that will generate discussion across the services and the military establishment at large…. [T]his book surely has something for everyone. From company grade officers to flag and general officers, … it will do what it sets out to do, which is nothing less than ‘Redefine’ the modern military.” —From Balloons to Drones
List Price: $29.95
Holiday Price: $14.98

“Steve Moore’s new SOG book Uncommon Valor is well researched, well written, and is a must-read for any Special Forces warrior or SOG historian/aficionado.”
John Stryker Meyer, SOG Green Beret, One-Zero of RT Idaho, and author of Across the Fence

List Price: $35.00
Holiday Price: $17.50

"A fascinating study of the rise and fall of the cigarette in American society and its influence on the nation's political economy during much the 20th century. Joel Bius clearly establishes the role of the U.S. Army in helping to create a nation of cigarette smokers during the two world wars, as well as its later role near the end of the Cold War in bringing to an end big tobacco's reign over the GI."
Peter R. Mansoor, author of The GI Offensive in Europe; General Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair of Military History, Ohio State University

List Price: $39.95
Holiday Price: $19.98




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Wed, 2018-11-28

Maritime Security DialogueThe Return of Great Power Competition and SECOND Fleet A discussion with VADM Andrew "Woody"...

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10 December - Discussion

Mon, 2018-12-10

10 December - Discussion

Mon, 2018-12-10

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