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Robert Timberg
December 2008
Hail and FarewellJust when you thought it would never end, the nation's quadrennial exercise in democracy has mercifully run its course. We at Proceedings salute the survivor, uh, victor, Senator ...
U.S. Navy

Piracy, Policy, and Law

By Commander James Kraska, JAGC, U.S. Navy, and Captain Brian Wilson, JAGC, U.S. Navy<p>
December 2008
Two military lawyers identify the major problems in enforcing international piracy laws and prosecuting pirates.

From Our Archive

December 2008
'I never can understand how anyone can not smoke—it deprives a man of the best part of life . . . with a good cigar in his mouth a man ...
doc Prothro and gus swainson, usna class of 1945

Naval Institute Foundation

December 2008
Help Launch Guiding Lights The U.S. Naval Academy is rich in buildings, monuments, parade fields, streets, and walkways named for distinguished Navy and Marine Corps personnel. While some honor well-known ...
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Brilliance Over Brawn

By Lieutenant Commander Thomas J. Cutler, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2008
While serving in the Continental Navy, Joshua Barney had been captured by the British and was shipped to England in a 3-foot- high box, receiving minimal food and water during ...

Combat Fleets

By Eric Wertheim
December 2008
On 22 September, the German Navy commissioned its second Braunschweig (Type 130)-class corvette, the Magdeburg. Laid down in May 2005, the 1,690-ton (full load) warship was built by Larssen shipbuilders ...

Naval Systems: Aperstructures: No More Holes

By Edward J. Walsh
December 2008
Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems and Shipbuilding companies have started design work sponsored by the Office of Naval Research to demonstrate innovative approaches to the integration of radar antenna apertures with ...
Vessela Monta

Professional Notes

December 2008
Better Living through Better Drinking Water: Navy Community RelationsBy Commander Michael Hallett, U.S. NavyCommunity relations are a key reason for port visits. Through our efforts to improve foreign communities by ...

Book Reviews

December 2008
The Forever War Dexter Filkins. New York: Knopf, 2008. 384 pp. Illus. $25.Reviewed by Paul WestThe Marine assault on Fallujah in November 2004 is the opening scene of The Forever ...
Copyright 1999 Gil Cohen

'Go in and Get a Hit'

By Robert J. Mrazek
December 2008
The new book, A Dawn Like Thunder, follows the ill-fated Torpedo Squadron Eight in the 1942 Battle of Midway.
U.S. Navy

Drawing Lines in the Sea

By Lieutenant Timothy A. Martin, Royal Australian Navy Reserve
December 2008
An Australian maritime legal scholar points out the difficulties in interpreting the murky laws that govern the worlds oceans.
Israeli defense Forces

The Unwanted Challenge

By Martin N. Murphy
December 2008
An authority on maritime irregular warfare says random terrorism at sea is less of a threat than maritime insurgency.

Comment and Discussion

December 2008
From the Banks of the Euphrates to the Shores of the Severn(See D. McCawley, pp. 14-19, November 2008 Proceedings)Gerhardt B. Thamm—McCawley, you will do well writing history ...
u.s. navy

Feral Cities-Pirate Havens

By Lieutenant Commander Matthew M. Frick, U.S. Navy
December 2008
Throughout its history, piracy could not have survived and cannot survive today without firmly emplaced lifelines on land.

The Overstated Threat

By Commander John Patch, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2008
According to a U.S. Army War College professor, piracy is being over-hyped and confused with terrorism. Theyre not the same.
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What Makes Piracy Work?

By Virginia Lunsford
December 2008
A piracy expert surveys the history of the phenomenon and highlights the five factors that are still keeping piracy alive.
U.S. Navy (Denny Cantrell)

Get On Board with Alternative Fuels

By Kevin Billings, Rear Admiral David R. Oliver Jr., U.S. Navy (Retired),and George Alan Hutchinson
December 2008
The Navy needs to work with the Air Force in weighing other options to temper the two services reliance on expensive jet fuel.
U.S. Navy (Milosz Reterski)

Write-with Your Eyes Wide Open

By Captain William J. Toti, U.S. Navy (Retired)
December 2008
A long-time Proceedings author urges Sea Service professionals to write for publication but warns of the risks involved.
u.s. navy (jennifer a. villaovos)

Now Hear This: MCPON Campa, Departing

By Senior Chief Jim Murphy
December 2008
As the nation prepares for a time of certain change, the Navy faces its own unknown future. The 4 November announcement that Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Joe ...

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