Driving the Aegis Cruiser

By Commander K. S. J. Eyer, U.S. Navy
December 2002
Having served in five cruisers, I like to imagine that, while not an artist by any means, I have developed a facility for handling these ships. Being a commanding officer ...

See the World Through Their Eyes

By Bradley C. Hosmer
December 2002
Before the British invented the Enigma decoding device and began reading the other fellow's mail, the term intelligence—at the national level—called up a different idea than it does today. Earlier ...

Naval Institute Foundation

December 2002
'Tis the Season for GivingWe thank all the supporters whose gifts and pledges have strengthened the Naval Institute in 2002. Among other projects, their generosity fortified the essay and ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III
December 2002
The German Navy's five remaining Type 148 guided-missile patrol boats have been sold to Egypt, along with the Type 760 ammunition transport Odenwald and the Type 701E underway replenishment ship ...

Book Reviews

December 2002
Stormchasers: The Hurricane Hunters and Their Fateful Flight into Hurricane Janet David M. Toomey. New York: W. W. Norton, 2002. 314 pp. Photos. Bib, Index. $25.95.Reviewed by Commander Edward ...

Silence Often Is Misconstrued as Consent

By Lieutenant (junior grade) Darrin R. Mullins, U.S. Navy
December 2002
It started as a great flight from Naval Air Station (NAS) Patuxent River, Maryland, to Naval Air Facility (NAF) Lakehurst, New Jersey. We were flying north to work with an ...

The Corps Takes Aim at Maintenance Overhead

By Major Chris Wagner, U.S. Marine Corps
December 2002
The Marine Corps has undergone many changes in missions, tactics, equipment, and personnel, but one thing has remained the same—percentages of mission-capable equipment are used to measure and improve equipment ...

100 Years Ago: T.R. Averts Crisis

By Lieutenant Commander Henry J. Hendrix, U.S. Navy
December 2002
From 8 to 18 December 1902 the future of U.S., British, German, and Venezuelan relations hung in the balance as the U.S. Navy established itself as the nation’s preeminent instrument ...

Put a Swat Team on Every Ship

By Lieutenant Colonel Paul Mullin, USA, and Lieutenant Jon Bartee, USN
December 2002
The shipboard integrated tactical team could be the force for maritime interdiction and ship defense.

Finding the Moral High Ground in Iraq & Beyond

By Lieutenant Commander David G. Kibble, Royal Naval Reserve (Retired)
December 2002
International opinions remain mixed about whether military action is appropriate to counter Saddam Hussein’s buildup of weapons of mass destruction. Increasingly, countries must make clear that their motives and strategies ...

JSF & UCAV Aren't the Answer for the Navy

By Lieutenant Commander Richard K. Harrison, U.S. Navy
December 2002
A stealth vehicle traveling through hundreds of miles of heavily defended enemy territory to deliver a single weapon on a tactical target—the concept behind both the Joint Strike Fighter and ...

Brokering the Coast Guard's Resources

By Vice Admiral James Hull, U.S. Coast Guard
December 2002
In his annual message to Congress in December 1862, Abraham Lincoln recognized, "The dogmas of the tranquil past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with ...

In Command in the Gulf

By Commodore James Goldrick, Royal Australian Navy
December 2002
It was just before midnight on a June evening in the north Arabian Gulf when I entered the combat information center of the USS Cushing (DD-985). As I expected, the ...

World Naval Developments

By Norman Friedman
December 2002
Disarmament Poses DifficultiesMarx wrote that history repeats as farce rather than as drama (he had Louis Napoleon, who became Napoleon III, in mind, with Napoleon himself as the subject ...

Enemy Combatants Should Worry Us

By Gary D. Solis
December 2002
We should be concerned about the al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners at the Guantanamo Naval Base. Almost 600 prisoners are held there because of their alleged status as illegal combatants ...

Junior Officer Retention Weighing the Options

By Rear Admiral Richard E. Brooks, U.S. Navy
December 2002
During my career, I've spent many hours on junior officer retention. Like most senior officers, I've spoken with scores of junior officers in an attempt to better understand the issue ...

Comment and Discussion

December 2002
"Countering Attack Sub Shortfalls"(See E. Labs, pp. 46-50, September 2002 Proceedings)Rear Admiral Paul F Sullivan, U.S. Navy, Director, Submarine Warfare Division (CNO/N77)—Dr. Labs gives an excellent presentation ...
Broadside view of the USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656) at sea

USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656)

By Eric Wertheim
December 2002
Launched on 19 December 1943, the Fletcher (DD-445)-class destroyer USS Van Valkenburgh (DD-656) was commissioned on 2 August 1944. On 27 October 1944, she transited the Panama Canal and arrived ...

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