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October 1998
"No Democracy Can Feel Secure"(See R. Shelton, pp. 39-44, August 1998 Proceedings)First Lieutenant Michael C. Farkas, U.S. Army Reserve, Judge Advocate General's Corps—Iapplaud Lieutenant ColonelShelton 's accurate and ...

Sea Services Forum: Letter from the Publisher

By James A. Barber, Jr., Publisher
October 1998
On the third Thursday of each month, our Editorial Board gathers in the President's Room of Preble Hall to reach collective judgment on that month's books, magazine articles, and projected ...

The Sea Services

October 1998
In 1873 the Naval Institute was established to help the U.S. Navy deal with the difficult transition from sail to steam, among other issues. The ensuing 125 years have seen ...

Listen to the JOs: Why Retention Is a Problem

By Rear Admiral John T. Natter, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired), Lieutenant Alan Lopez and Lieutenant Doyle K. Hodges, U.S. Navy
October 1998
"I always wanted to serve my country. After four years as a midshipman, was excited about my naval career. My idealism may have been naive, but it was heartfelt. Unfortunately ...

Kara Hultgreen Quals at the Boat

By Sally Spears
October 1998
“I made it to the fleet! Qual’ed at the July boat in the RAG and then joined VF-213, the world famous Fighting Black-lions,” Kara wrote in her diary. It didn’t ...

UK Defense Review Sets Out the Plan

By Rear Admiral Richard Cobbold, Royal Navy
October 1998
Recognizing that a nation's security starts a long way from home, the UK Strategic Defense Review outlines an expeditionary strategy that will drive Royal Navy planning.

Defend America—From the Sea

By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
October 1998
The U.S. Navy is well positioned to help the nation counter the growing ballistic missile threat. The only impediment is an obsolete antiballistic missile treaty.

Private Ryan Educates a Nation

By Lieutenant Colonel Thomas C. Greenwood, U.S. Marine Corps
October 1998
Saving Private Ryan is a provocative film for many reasons. It makes us think about the human dimension of war—how ordinary men endure the horrors of combat, fight effectively in ...

Air Detachment or Air Department?

By Lieutenant Matthew A. Lisowski, U.S. Navy
October 1998
LAMPS IIIs offer their ships a lot of capability—standoff sensors and weapons, for starters—but whether this capability is exploited depends to a great extent on the attitude of the ship's ...

Hellfire 14

By Commander J. M. van Tol, U.S. Navy
October 1998
The USS O'Brien (DD-975) just finished a three-and-one-half month stint in the Persian Gulf. During that time, our embarked forward-looking infrared radar and missile-equipped SH-60B, call sign "Hellfire 14," was ...

"That No Call For Help Goes Unanswered"

By Petty Officer Second Class Chris Logston, U.S. Coast Guard
October 1998
A father and son attempting to cross the North Pacific Ocean en route to Vancouver, British Columbia, from New Zealand encountered a devastating storm with 50-foot waves and high winds ...

Sub Wars off Waikiki

By Don Walsh
October 1998
Seven submarines, not any of which belong to the U.S. Navy, operate daily in Hawaii. They are tourist submarines located at Kona, Maui, and Waikiki/Honolulu. Each year they carry thousands ...

Combat Fleets

By A. D. Baker III
October 1998
Israel's second German-built IKL Type 800 submarine, the Leviathan, on the ship-lift at Howaldtswerke, Kiel, this June for painting and hull maintenance; note that no anechoic coating is visible ...
USS Morris (DD-417) at anchor off Mare Island, California.

USS Morris (DD-417)

By Eric Wertheim
October 1998
The destroyer USS Morris (DD-417) was the seventh Morris to serve with U.S. naval forces. Built by Norfolk Navy Yard, she was launched on 1 June 1939 and commissioned on ...

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