The End of an Era

Commander Roy Beavers, USN
July 1972
Prize Essay 1972 SECOND HONORABLE MENTION “. . . We are at the end of an era. The postwar order of international relations—the configuration of power that emerged from the ...

Death of a Profession?

By Rear Admiral Harley D. Nygren, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
July 1972
While the demands for the immensely valuable products of the profession of hydrographic engineering have been constantly growing, the profession itself has continued to decline over the past 25 years.

Youth Wants to "No!"

By Colonel Anthony L. Wermuth, U. S. Army (Retired)
July 1972
College students are among the most articulate and critical segment of American Society—especially where the military is concerned. Whether the student activist movement is a fresh, healthy wind, or an ...

Up, Up, and Away . . . Backwards

By Lieutenant Commander J. S. Sproule, Royal Navy (Retired)
July 1972
Observers conditioned to the routine pattern of carrier operations must concede that things are not at all what they seem to be in the sequence of photographs on the facing ...

The Military Retiree—Forgotten Firehorse

By Colonel Victor J. Croizat, U. S. Marine Corps (Retired)
July 1972
It has been a long time since this country’s fire departments had to worry about their firehorses. Yet, when they did, the firehorse that could no longer gallop a hook ...

Pictorial—“A Destroyer Named Smith"

By Robert F. Sumrall
July 1972
*************************CITATION****************************“For outstanding performance during action against enemy Japanese forces off Santa Cruz Islands, October 26, 1942. Although a hostile torpedo plane crashed on her forecastle and exploded at the ...

The Old Navy: The Sloop-of-War Ganges

By Homer C. Votaw
July 1972
The first naval vessel sent to sea by the United States following the adoption of the Constitution is almost forgotten. This ship raised morale at a critical time by boldly ...

Comment and Discussion

July 1972
“NavCad or College Grad?”(See J. E. Williams, pp. 49-53, April 1972 Proceedings)Captain Edwin L. Ebbert, U. S. Navy—Captain Williams poses the question of whether flight training ...

Book Reviews and Book List

July 1972
Seaford House Papers, 1970The Royal College of Defence Studies: London: Seaford House, 1971. 170 pp.Reviewed by Commander Robert M. Laske, U. S. Navy(Commander Laske earned his ...

Professional Notes

July 1972
Of Fighters and FactsBy Vice Admiral Thomas F. Connolly, U. S. Navy (Retired), Former Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Air)The strident and mostly inaccurate criticisms leveled at the Navy’s ...


July 1972
Air Defense For Ships Is Poor According To GAO Staff Study(Baltimore Sun, 5 April 1972)After spending hundreds of millions of dollars over nearly a decade on development, the ...

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