Strain's Panaman Expedition

By Ralph Z. Kirkpatrick
August 1935
The darien or eastern end of Panama is deeply indented on its Pacific side by San Miguel Bay, a broad drowned river, which is the outlet of the Savana from ...

Upper-Air Soundings By Aërograph

By Lieutenant Frederick J. Nelson, U. S. Navy
August 1935
The purpose of the “aërological flight” or “weather hop,” the name applied to the daily altitude flight made by naval aërological units, is understood partially throughout aviation activities, but to ...

The Fenian Ram

By Lieutenant Colby Rucker, U. S. Navy
August 1935
John Philip Holland was born in 1842 at Liscannor in County Clare, Ireland. The little town is located on Liscannor Bay, beyond which roars the Atlantic. Thus Holland was born ...

Air Navigation Wrinkle

By Lieutenant Thomas L. Thurlow, A.C.
August 1935
We are frequently informed that the high speeds of modern aircraft have rendered celestial navigation in the air an infinitely more arduous and difficult task than that performed on surface ...

Permanence In Command Afloat

By Captain Benyaurd Bourne Wygant, U. S. Navy
August 1935
The exact phrasing of the Navy’s peace-time mission will always be a subject of disagreement among those who give the matter thought and they will certainly differ as to the ...

Fleet Repair Facilities Ashore

By Lieutenant Commander Robert J. Walker, U. S. Navy
August 1935
When a man-of-war falls out of formation at sea, or one or more of the guns fail to fire on time during target practice, somebody must explain. Such failures may ...

The H-Type Pocket Battle Cruiser

By G. H. Hoffmann, M.I.N.A.
August 1935
Introduction.—The idea that the 10,000-ton, 8-in.-gun treaty cruisers ought to be conceived, designed, and built as pocket battle cruisers, has germed simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. In ...

American Traders Abroad

By Captain Elbridge Colby, U. S. Army
August 1935
From the lips of a popular professor of contemporary history, who is also an able commentator on current affairs, comes a modern expression of opinion on the function of armed ...

The Department Of State

By Brockholst Livingston
August 1935
All authorities on military and naval affairs agree that the armed forces are the support of a nation’s Policy. Policy is in the hands of the “ranch of government dealing ...

The Marine Museum Of Stockholm

By Rodger L. Simons
August 1935
The French may be a funny race, as the old ditty assures us, but so too in their way are the Swedes. In contrast to the more travel-conscious continental countries ...

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