Our Future Navy

By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U.S. Navy
October 1889
By Rear-Admiral S. B. Luce, U.S. Navy.[Reprinted from the North American Review.] In his "Essay on History," Lord Macaulay observes that "no past event has any intrinsic importance; the knowledge ...

Steam Trials of the Royal Italian Ironclad Lepanto

By Major Nabor Soliani, Royal Italian Navy; Member
October 1889
Read at the Thirtieth Session of the Institution of Naval Architects, July 26, 1888; the Right Hon. Earl of Ravensworth, President, in the Chair. [Reprinted from the Transactions of the ...

Notes on the Management of Boats in the Surf

By A.A. Ackerman, Ensign, U.S.N.
October 1889
The literature on the subject of surf-boating is so scanty and contains so little practical information outside of a few general rules, that the following notes are presented with the ...

Professional Notes

October 1889
West Point, N. Y., September 6, 1889.To The Secretary U.S. Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md.Sir:—Captain W. T. Sampson, in his excellent article on the Naval Defense of the Coast, published in ...

Book Notices

October 1889
The War Department at the Centennial Exposition, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1888.This is a complete catalogue of the War Department exhibits, arranged by Capt. A. H. Russell, U. S. A. The ...

Bibliographic Notes

October 1889
AMERICAN CHEMICAL JOURNAL.Volume XI, No. 4, April, 1889. Morse and White show that oxides of zinc or cadmium are dissociated in zinc or cadmium vapor respectively. Smith and Frankel give ...

Officers of the Institute

October 1889
OFFICERS OF THE INSTITUTE.1890.Elected at the regular annual meeting, held at Annapolis, Md., October 18, 1889.PRESIDENT.REAR-ADMIRAL S. B. LUCE, U. S. N. VICE-PRESIDENT.COMMANDER W. T. SAMPSON, U. S. N. SECRETARY ...


October 1889
The U. S. Naval Institute was established in 1873, having for its object the advancement of professional and scientific knowledge in the Navy. It now enters upon its seventeenth year ...

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