The Fleets of the World—The Sail Period

Commo. Foxhall A. Parker
October 1880
After the defeat of the Spanish Armada, with which, as the close of the galley period, our first volume necessarily ended, England fitted out many expeditions against the possessions and ...

Ice Navigation

Lieut. Frederick Schwatka
October 1880
This subject, embracing in its whole extent the construction of ships—or altering of those that have seen less severe service,—for this peculiar employment, their management and direction under the various ...

Prize Essay, 1880

October 1880
PRIZE ESSAY1880.NAVAL INSTITUTE, ANNAPOLIS, MD. February 18, 1881.Rear-Adm. G. B. Balch, U. S. N., in the chair.The meeting having been called to order, the Cor. Secretary, Prof. C. E. Munroe ...

The Naval Policy of the United States

Lieutenant Charles Belknap
October 1880
"Sat cito, si sat bene."I.The extraordinary attention paid of late years by the leading powers of the world to the condition and efficiency of their navies leads to a ...

Professional Notes

October 1880
These Articles have not been read before the Institute, but are inserted by direction of the Executive Committee.To Determine by the Aid of Azimuth Tables the Effect Upon the ...

Bibliographic Notices

October 1880
COLBURN’S UNITED SERVICE MAGAZINE, Oct. 1880. (Naval Articles). Jean de Vienne. The French galleys of the eighteenth century by Mod. Dir. E. Shippen. Progress of torpedo warfare, by Lt. Comd’r ...

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