Coast Guard Commandant Admiral Russell Waesche

On Our Scope

By Richard G. Latture, Editor-in-Chief
October 2016
Pop quiz: Which 18th-century war included the most large-scale fleet battles? The American Revolution, I was surprised to learn from Sam Willis’ cover story, “American Independence and the Naval Factor.” ...

Book Reviews

October 2016
Admiral Bill Halsey: A Naval Life Thomas Alexander Hughes. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2016. 504 pp. Maps. Photos. Notes. Biblio. Index. $35. Reviewed by Walter R. Borneman In the ...
Billy Hurley III raises the Quicken Loans National PGA trophy

From Annapolis to the Pros

By Paul Stillwell
October 2016
On a sunny Sunday afternoon in late June, a previously obscure golfer named Billy Hurley III won the Quicken Loans National PGA Tournament at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda ...
	Even a Navy man wasn’t off-limits to roving press-gangs during the lawless years of the Oyster Wars on Chesapeake Bay.

Shanghaiing Bluejackets

By David McCormick
October 2016
Even a Navy man wasn’t off-limits to roving press-gangs during the lawless years of the Oyster Wars on Chesapeake Bay.
Lieutenant Commander Mildred McAfee shakes hands with Rear Admiral Randall Jacobs at a Female Officer Training School commissioning ceremony at New York City’s Hunter College in early 1943.

Birth of the WAVES

By Captain Mildred McAfee Horton, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired)
October 2016
In the following excerpt from her U.S. Naval Institute oral history, McAfee describes some of her early on-the-job challenges.
U.S. Revenue Cutter Hudson rushes to the aid of the stricken torpedo boat USS Winslow

The Little Tug That Did

By J. M. Caiella
October 2016
Sometimes the least assuming and impressive ships are thrust to the fore and exhibit great heroics. Such is the case of the little 94-foot U.S. Revenue Cutter Hudson during one ...
Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels

Naval History News

October 2016
Sims-Daniels Controversy Reignited at U.K. Great War Conference A strong contingent of U.S. naval historians was on hand to present perspectives from the “other side of the pond” as the ...
The Northern Mine Barrage, 1918

The Great Mine Barrage

By Norman Friedman
October 2016
When the United States entered World War I, the Allies viewed America as the world’s leading industrial power and a vast source of fresh manpower. Much of the U.S. contribution ...
Fleet Commander-in-Chief Uriel Sebree and his staff on board the Tennessee

In Contact

October 2016
Armored Cruiser’s Other Tragedy Captain Bill Heard, U.S. Naval Reserve (Retired) The wreck of the armored cruiser USS Memphis (ACR-10) in the Santo Domingo roadstead on 29 August 1916, as ...
Short Snorter

Pieces of the Past

October 2016
“A good luck charm and drinking game all rolled into one.” Thus goes one online description of an unusual American tradition that started with Alaskan stunt pilots in the 1920s ...