Shown in her early configuration in a circa 1900 photograph, the Iowa (Battleship No. 4) wears a white and buff paint scheme. Of interest is that while the border between the two colors is at the forecastle deck level, the aft main turret, on the main deck one level lower, is painted in both colors.
The Hoga battles fires on the battleship Nevada (BB-36) while lashed to the big ship’s bow. She still bears a dent in her hull, allegedly as a result of this event.
The Eastwind is shown off the coast of Greenland in her World War II state, including her Arctic camouflage. Note the twin dual 5-inch/38-caliber gun houses fore and aft.
midget submarine X-1
Battle between HMS Frolic and the USS Wasp is depicted in this early 19th-century painting by Thomas Birch.
the Lightning
USS Pueblo
Continental frigate Confederacy
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.
USS United States, artist rendering