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Joint Chiefs c. 1971
Construction of a rope often starts when fibers are twisted into yarns, which are then twisted in the opposite direction to form strands, after which they are twisted in the original direction to become a line.
U.S. Navy procedures regarding display of the national ensign vary with circumstances.
Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation, based in Seattle, Washington, built more than 130 ships from 1917 to 1989, including the USS Stark (FFG-31), Fahrion (FFG-22), and Boone (FFG-28). Shipbuilding has its own unique terminology, from decks to stanchions  to screw guards.
A crewman on board the USS Fletcher (DD-992) performs maintenance on one of the ship’s gas-turbine engines. Gas turbines—the most prevalent form of propulsion on board Navy ships today—combine the functions of the boiler and the turbine into one element and do not need feedwater.
There are multiple paths to joining the U.S. Navy, including enlisting, like these young men in 1948, who were sent to San Diego Naval Training Center after taking their oaths.